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  • Simplicity is an asset, not a weakness... The smaller the idea the happier I am.

  • Keep doing what you like to do. That's all it is.

  • I started playing heavy-metal guitar because that's what I liked. And then I got into classical guitar because it was so technically complicated.

  • I think about my art works as paintings, because they refer to the history of painting. I also have to think about them as sculptures, because every part of the process is part of the project. They're sculptures because they play on the idea of what should be hanging in a gallery. In that sense they're also kind of ready-mades.

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  • I'm afraind of losing my sense of trying to always be better. I love competition against myself.

  • I like the type of culture that the Internet allows to happen. And, of course, for some bizarre reason, that is cats!

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  • Art is fast, but with art you're tied down. That's too negative. What I mean is, you have a business and a place that you go every day. I guess some artists do move around.

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  • I never was much of a game player, but I loved to be on the computer.

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  • My real experience with video games was watching other people play. That's why a lot of my work isn't really about playing. It's about watching video games.

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  • I can charm my way out of a situation when I screw up.

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  • I'm not sure what I was good at as a kid. I was good at playing with Legos.

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  • I would love to say there was some contemporary artist who's work really got me thinking, but lately I have just been trying to sort out 20 years of garbage TV culture that is filling my brain.

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  • Engineering is a creative practice.

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