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  • I do this for her and my family. This is my way of paying my mom back by going after my goals relentlessly and trying to win that Oscar one day.

    Mom   Winning   Goal  
  • [My mother] worked at thrift stores and she didn't have a high school education. She sacrificed everything she had for me and my brothers. I never went without. She showed me that she could put food on the table, buy us Jordans, we had the best clothes and she worked two-three odd jobs.

    Mother   Brother   Jobs  
  • It's never too late to make the right decision in your life. I want fathers to go grab their sons, tell them you love them and be more involved in their lives.

    Father   Son   Decision  
  • We need to be together, and love each other.

  • I really love to act. I really love to touch the people with my work. It's about giving people what they want to see. I love to see someone who's gonna be real, be truthful to his work and that's what I try to bring every time I step on a set. That's what I did for Tupac movie.

    Real   People   Giving  
  • It's a choice if you want to change your life for the better. Life is cause and effect, it's all about choices. And what you do today can deter the next 30 years of your life. You gotta be careful, you gotta pick your friends wisely.

    Years   Choices   Want  
  • I love doing movies that touch people's lives.

  • I was very excited to meet Amanda Seyfried. She is one of the most humbling human beings you will ever meet. She deserves success.

  • My son is my routine and priority, period!

  • I'm a huge fan of Tupac. I'm from Chicago and his music helped me kind of get through that phase of my childhood, my teenage years. He was one of the biggest artists of all time and his music got me through just day to day life. He was a key to our generation and culture and he still is, even after his passing.

  • I dreamed of doing stuff like Will Smith and films on a big scale.

    Stuff   Film   Bigs  
    "Battle: Los Angeles/ Cory Hardrict Interview". Interview with Wilson Morales, March 7, 2011.
  • I did a film that was similar to that world, which was Brotherly Love, and the audience fell in love with [my character] June. So to be honest, I remembered what I did in that movie and studied that film and my mannerisms while shooting in Philly.

  • Will Smith would say your five closest friends are what you end up to be and ever since I heard him say that, I said I gotta know who's in my life because that's who you're going to become. That's advice I'd give to these young men out here, killing each other and at war at each other because it's bigger than that.

    War   Men   Giving  
  • I love helping people; just being of service makes me happy!

  • When I look in the mirror, I see a God-fearing man who would risk it all for family and his beliefs.

    Men   Risk   Belief  
  • I have an amazing wife, Tia, and an amazing son, Cree, and I'm a family man first and they keep me grounded. They're my support system, so they make me stronger.

  • I have a few films that I'm going to be executive producing - a couple that's really dear to me .This man that I'm going to play next is very revolutionary and he's iconic and the world needs him right now. Hopefully, I can deliver that to the world.

    Couple   Men   Play  
  • There's strength in numbers. Once we show the world that we're together, they can't stop us.

  • I want families to come together, and on the corporate side, I want you to know that there are men out here who stand for righteousness.

    Men   Together   Want  
  • Not only was Tupac an iconic figure in Hip-Hop, he was an iconic artist across the whole world. He transcends to all races. And everybody loved him. It's just his honesty. Good or bad, had to love him.

    Honesty   Artist   World  
  • Martin Lawrence had no filter, and to me that was the greatest half hour of all time. Martin was ahead of his time.

    Filters   Half   Hours  
  • We need our Dads right now, we need strong fathers. I really want fathers to get close to their children.

    Strong   Children   Dad  
  • She [my mother] had a will power that was undeniable. She went on to be with the Lord, she passed away but she lives through me.

  • “Lovelace” was really great. I got to work with the wonderful Amanda Seyfried, Hank Azaria and Peter Sarsgaard, so it can’t get no better than that, right?

    "Cory Hardrict Talks Tia Mowry, ‘Lovelace’ And Jennifer Lawrence’s Boyfriend For HuffPost’s #nofilter". Interview with Leigh Blickley, December 18, 2012.
  • I keep God first. He me to go out and act and be humble and keep it simple. God gave me this gift to bless the world. That's what I'm here to do.

    Humble   Simple   World  
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