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  • THE DYING GAUL is a Hollywood satire. But Hollywood is not the real subject matter here. My play uses that world of high-rolling big money - that crazy-making business - to examine a whole range of subjects.

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  • . . I have written a couple of screenplays for studios, and each time has been less gratifying than the last. In my experience, they want no real representations of homosexuality, they want no complexity, they are terrified of ambiguity and unanswered questions - they don't know what they want, except that they want to make lots of money. The only freedom I've ever had as an artist has been in the theatre.

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  • . . . don't rewrite unless you know what you're trying to do.

  • Never to be squandered.....the miracle of another human being.

    Craig Lucas (2014). “A Prelude to a Kiss and Other Plays”, p.50, Theatre Communications Group
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