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  • Thankful Madiba for your legacy and your example. You"ll always stay with us.

    FaceBook post by Cristiano Ronaldo from Dec 05, 2013
  • My father was always in good spirits, he loved football. It makes me a bit sad because if he could enjoy seeing me now, what I have achieved, that would be a highlight in his life. But I'm sure that he watches over me from above.

  • I am always motivated. I am ambitious and I want to always improve.

    "Ronaldo remains coy on United future but denies money is a factor" by Mark Ogden, July 20, 2008.
  • Lots of young players have triumphed at United, so why can't it happen to me? I'm not worried I'm young - it's an incentive to do the best I can.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • I would be very proud if, one day, I'm held in the same esteem as George Best or Beckham. It's what I'm working hard towards.

    "Biography / Personal Quotes".
  • We should make the most of life, enjoy it because that's the way it is!

  • Do you think I would enter into a contract with that mob? Absolutely no chance. I would not sell them a virus. That is a 'No' by the way. There is no agreement whatsoever between the clubs.

    "Sir Alex Ferguson's best quotes". May 8, 2013.
  • But I don't want to be compared to anyone like to impose my own style of play and do the best for myself and for the club here.

  • I know If I score we're going to win the match.

  • I prefer other people to make judgments about the way I play and to characterize me, rather me describe myself.

  • The number 7 shirt is an honor and a responsibility. I hope it brings me a lot of luck.

  • I was saluted by Alex Ferguson when I was subbed and that made me very happy.

  • I will never reject an autograph, hug or photo. I was also a fan of football.

  • Sir Alex has a special place in my life. In fact, he was the main man. I was not famous, I was not a star. I arrived at Old Trafford as just another young talent. He was the one who told me to do all the right things. He gave me the opportunity to play in one of the biggest clubs in the world. So he is one of the most important people in the world for me. I worked with Sir Alex for a few years and I know he deserves ­everything that he has achieved in his career. He works so hard, he is clever, he has experience, he is a human guy.

    "EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo pays tribute to 'the best manager in the world'". November 5, 2011.
  • The people I work with have a very good impression of me for sure, because of how I am.

  • I am not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself. It is my conviction that here are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age.

  • I've always had a sense of responsibility, whether I've been captain or not. But I must say that I'm both pleased and proud to be Portugal captain, despite how young I am, because I know what it means. My job is still the same though. I need to do what I do best out on the pitch, and that's score goals and help my team win.

  • I feel endless need to LEARN, to IMPROVE, to EVOLVE, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel SATISFIED with myself

  • I don't think about one trick or the other, they just happen.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • I'm sure that I'm a winner person. I'm sure that I win more than lose.

  • When I was 7, I told my dad I want to have a house like Micheal Jackson's one. And then he said to me that dreams are only dreams, that's a privilegy of the rich people. I have grown up now and my dream came true, but I feel sad that my father can't see that and what have I reached in my life. But I know he's watching me from the sky

  • When I win awards, I think of my father.

  • Manchester United is still in my heart. Disappointed they didn't win the title but they are still the kings of Premier League.

  • For me Sir Alex was my father in football. He was crucial in my career and, outside football, was a great human being with me. Talent isn't everything. You can have it from the cradle, but it is necessary to learn the trade to be the best.

  • I'm aware that, whatever the circumstances, there will always be speculation about me.

    "In his own words: Ronaldo reveals all about Ferguson, his football dreams and his future". Interview with Bruno Prata, August 6, 2008.
  • There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world's best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • Your love makes me strong, Your hate makes me unstoppable".

  • Without football, my life is worth nothing.

  • Friendship cant end just because you change your life.

  • No, Wayne (Rooney) doesn’t need it (tips about style). He has his own style. But with hair he looks much better. He looks very good now. Before, he was a little bit ugly, but now, with hair, he’s beautiful.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Born: February 5, 1985
    • Occupation: Soccer player