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  • Here at the sea---especially at the sea---I could hear my sister’s voice in the waves: “Kira-kira! Kira-kira!

    Sea   Voice   Kira  
    Cynthia Kadohata (2008). “Kira-Kira”, p.244, Simon and Schuster
  • if you hated white people, they would just hate you back, and nothing would change in the world; and if you didn't hate them after the way they treated you, you would end up hating yourself, and nothing would change that way, either. So it was no good to hate them, and it was no good not to hate them. So nothing changed.

    Hate   White   People  
  • you could see the roads crisscrossing over the fields. When cars went by, far away, the beams were so bright they seemed to be ropes of light pulling the cars behind.

    Light   Car   Rope  
  • Watch out for life ... It's harder than it looks.

    Life   Watches   Looks  
  • I know a lot about when I was a little girl, because my sister used to keep a diary. Today I keep her diary in a drawer next to by bed. I like to see how her memories were the same as mine, but also different.

    Girl   Memories   Bed  
    Cynthia Kadohata (2008). “Kira-Kira”, p.2, Simon and Schuster
  • Some days I think she was really miserable, because she cried a lot. In a way, I'd had to steel my heart to her crying. You need to steel yourself to a lot of things when someone in your family is really sick.

    Heart   Thinking   Sick  
    Cynthia Kadohata (2008). “Kira-Kira”, p.172, Simon and Schuster
  • I almost never slept deeply anymore--as soon as she said my name, I always sat up immediately, no matter how tired I was.

    Tired   Names   Matter  
    Cynthia Kadohata (2008). “Kira-Kira”, p.181, Simon and Schuster
  • I love writing about people on the road.

    Writing   People  
  • For me, books are music for my mind and my imagination. When I am stuck in something I'm writing, I simply read my way out of being stuck. You can never waste time reading.

    Book   Reading   Writing  
  • It took seven years from the day I decided I wanted to write fiction to actually getting a book published.

    Book   Writing   Years  
    "National Book Award Winner Cynthia Kadohata on Self-Editing: 'It involves a lot of flailing around.'". Interview with Maryann Yin, November 25, 2013.
  • My sister had taught me to look at the world that way, as a place that glitters, as a place where the calls of the crickets and the crows and the wind are everyday occurrences that also happen to be magic.

    Life   Wind   Magic  
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