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  • I saw the horrible way that people could treat each other. That may be the saddest thing of all. I saw greed and anger and murder and a total lack of concern for human life. It was a wicked side of the human soul that I saw... and it saddened me to know that such a dark place existed.

    D.J. MacHale (2002). “The Merchant of Death”, p.360, Simon and Schuster
  • Do you know how hard it is to gather seventy thousand people? Especially people who are confused and scared that they might be eaten by hungry dinosaurs?

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “The Soldiers of Halla”, p.415, Simon and Schuster
  • Damon Scares me,' Maggie said. 'Maybe you should do what he wants.' 'Can't.' 'Why not?' 'Because he killed me. That kind of pisses me off

    D.J. MacHale (2012). “The Black”, p.91, Simon and Schuster
  • Even at the end of the road, read the first sentence, there is a road. Even at the end of the road, a new road stretches out, endless and open, a road that may lead anywhere. To him who will find it, there is always a road.

  • Siry answered with one simple, shattering word. "Veelox.

    D.J. MacHale (2012). “Pendragon Books 6-10: The Rivers of Zadaa; The Quillan Games; The Pilgrims of Rayne; Raven Rise; The Soldiers of Halla”, p.1149, Simon and Schuster
  • You can't have pride without humility. Aggression without tolerance. Strength without compassion. Power without restraint.

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “The Soldiers of Halla”, p.188, Simon and Schuster
  • To write, you need to find what you love.

  • Oh yeah, and Spader was hanging out with a penguin" -Bobby Pendragon

  • If I weren't already dead, I'd have to kill myself just so I could roll over in my grave.

  • Not just chubby fat, I'm talkin' gordo

  • I hate clowns. I've mentioned that, right?

    Hate   I Hate   Clown  
  • Next time you wish to feed me poison, warn me first," Loor demanded. (The Merchant of Death)

  • Whenever you look back and say "if" you know you're in trouble. There is no such thing as "if". The only thing that matters is what really happened.

  • I love you Mark..." Courtney, PoR. I love you too Courtney..." Mark, PoR.

  • My life is an ongoing, ever changing adventure.

    Simon & Schuster Interview, www.goodreads.com. November 2009.
  • Because this is the way things are meant to be.(Press Tilton)

  • We may have been like needles in a hay stack, but they were like needles . . . in a stack of needles

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla”, p.185, Simon and Schuster
  • The two circled around the back of the house, making sure that nobody saw them. Once inside, they found Patrick right where they had left him, sitting in front of Mark's computer. The only difference was that he was surrounded by bags of Doritos and cans of Mountain Dew. He looked up at them with wild eyes. You okay?" Courtney asked. I'm fantastic!" Patrick exclaimed. "This sugary drink is incredible!" Swell," Courtney remarked sarcastically. "He's wired on Dew.

  • You want to kill me, don't you? And here I thought you and your friends were so righteous. You are just as capable of evil as anyone. Perhaps more so. Yet you believe your brand of evil is justified, so long as it serves your own misguided purposes." --Saint Dane

    D.J. MacHale (2012). “Pendragon Books 6-10: The Rivers of Zadaa; The Quillan Games; The Pilgrims of Rayne; Raven Rise; The Soldiers of Halla”, p.251, Simon and Schuster
  • If I fall out, pull this ring? What happens then? I sprout wings and fly?" -Spader in "The Never War

  • I felt as if I learned a few things. I learned that it's sometimes okay to think like a weenie, so long as you don't act like one—at least not all the time. I learned that it's okay to be wrong, as long as you can admit it and are willing to listen to those who may know better.

    D.J. MacHale (2002). “The Merchant of Death”, p.359, Simon and Schuster
  • I met Pendragon when I made the journey to the far desert. He is from the tribe known as...as..." Loor was scrambling. Bokka didn't know about the Travelers. I had to bail her out. Yankees," I said. "The Yankees tribe." Hey, what can I say? It was the first thing that came to mind. "It's a strong tribe," I added. "Respected by all...except for our mortal enemies, the Sox tribe. They hate us. Especially the Red ones. Cannibals. Nasty characters.

    Strong   Hate   Character  
    D.J. MacHale (2012). “Pendragon Books 6-10: The Rivers of Zadaa; The Quillan Games; The Pilgrims of Rayne; Raven Rise; The Soldiers of Halla”, p.45, Simon and Schuster
  • There are no simple answers in life. There is a good and bad in everyone and everything. No decision is made without consequence. No road is taken that doesn't lead to another. What's important is that those roads always be kept open, for there's no telling what wonder they might lead to.

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla”, p.379, Simon and Schuster
  • I was disappointed in Coop. He hated being bored and so did I. He was always looking for different things to do and coming up with new adventures that kept us moving. That was his job. Trolling for girls at the beach was okay by me, but I didn't want it to be our sole focus. Besides, the girls I liked had more interesting things to do than spend every waking moment sitting around at the beach comparing tans.

    D.J. MacHale (2010). “The Light”, p.8, Simon and Schuster
  • I knew what Saint Dane was sensing. I knew why he was confused. he thought I was done. He thought we were done. He was wrong, and that's what he was sensing. He felt our presence. I figured I might as well confirm things for him. "Pendragon, don't--," Patrick warned. I stepped out fron behind the pillar into the light. "Man, that suit is just wicked cool!" I called out.

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla”, p.85, Simon and Schuster
  • Spader and I were nearly killed. Three times. We were also robbed and witnessed a gruesome murder. Happy birthday to me!

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “The Never War”, p.16, Simon and Schuster
  • It is much more fun to write about villains then heroes. The villains are the ones that think out the scheme, and the heroes just kind of come along for the ride.

  • Before I can face the future, I must first deal with the past.

    D.J. MacHale (2009). “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla”, p.10, Simon and Schuster
  • "Who's Heinz and what's an accordion?"

    "Pendragon: The Never War". Book by D. J. MacHale, May 1, 2003.
  • My feelings for you run very deep." - Loor Not deep enought, I guess." - Bobby (The Rivers of Zadaa)

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