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  • It takes two years on the stage for an actor or an actress to learn how to speak correctly and to manage his voice properly, and it takes about ten years to master the subtle art of being able to hold ones audience.

  • Viewed as a drama, the war is somewhat disappointing.

    c.1915 Comment on World War I. Quoted in Leslie Halliwell Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion (1984).
  • Viewed as drama, World War I is somewhat disappointing.

  • Everything went downhill after Lillian [Gish] left me.

  • Now supposing I had the part of a young woman to give out, one that wanted some excellent acting. If I were to go to the stage for my actress I would have to take a matured woman, one who would act splendidly, but who would look too old for the requirements.

  • The task I'm trying to achieve, above all, is to make you see.

  • I am fond of depicting the lives of young folks for one thing, and if you have parts for girls or young men, you must absolutely have young people to fill them - that is generally acknowledged now.

  • Being a film director involves, above all, a lot of hard work and resolve and determination. The glamour doesn't come until the premiere and the thing is all long done.

  • I pick out young people and teach them in less time than it would take me to alter the methods of people from the boards, and I get actors who look the parts they have to fill.

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