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  • Her name was called Lady Helena Herring and her age was 25 and she mated well with the earl.

    Daisy Ashford (2016). “The Young Visiters”, p.43, Daisy Ashford
  • Bernard always had a few prayers in the hall and some whiskey afterwards as he was rather pious.

    'The Young Visiters' (1919) ch. 3
  • My life will be sour grapes and ashes without you.

    'The Young Visiters' (1919) ch. 8
  • My own idea is that these things are as piffle before the wind.

  • I am very fond of fresh air and royalties.

    Daisy Ashford (2016). “The Young Visiters”, p.20, Daisy Ashford
  • You look rather rash my dear your colors don't quite match your face.

    Young Visiters (1919) ch. 2
  • I am partial to ladies if they are nice. I suppose it is my nature. I am not quite a gentleman but you would hardly notice it.

  • We must go for a day in the country and when surrounded by the gay twittering of the birds and the smell of the cows I will lay my suit at her feet and he waved his arm wildly at the gay thought.

    Daisy Ashford (2016). “The Young Visiters”, p.36, Daisy Ashford
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