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  • If you don't have your friends, you start to go a bit mad. That's why in the future I don't want to be constantly acting, going from one film to another. I just think it would be so very lonely to be away from your friends and family for so long and no proper kind of routine.

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  • I still havent got over the fact that I wont be the only person seeing the film. Im used to watching home videos of when I was little, singing Barbie Girl and stuff, and nobody sees them except the family. Now, there will be loads of people going to see The Golden Compass. At least, we hope they will.

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  • I think I matured quite early, but what that does mean is I have moments of complete immaturity. When I come home, I don't want to be an actor. I just want to be a kid. I barely even know what money is.

  • I'm quite a slow reader. It can take me quite a while to get though a book.

  • Math is my favorite subject. It's the universal language. I like the fact that wherever you go in the whole world, two plus two will still be four.

  • I think there's a really mature side of me that can deal with problems - but when I'm with my friends, I get to act much more kidlike.

  • You grow up a lot on set, but it doesn't change you.

  • I don't know that I'd want to do acting as a job, not as a proper job. I'd like to do it as a hobby. I want to be a supply teacher. I'd like to be one of those teachers that kids really like.

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  • I think I've learned a lot working with actors as experienced as Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. They taught me that whatever happens during a take, you should just carry on. Don't ever stop until the director tells you to stop.

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  • Daniel Radcliffe told me once that you should always keep the people around you that you know are going to tell you the truth.

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