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  • My dad was a doctor who worked at a jail. He was more like a jail administrator. My mom was a public school teacher. There's no artists in my family whatsoever. So I don't know how that got in my gene pool, but it did.

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  • I love interacting the fans and try to answer questions that people have. And I love when people are excited about projects, so. I am just a tweet away.

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  • I feel like doing theatre helps my on-camera work and my on-camera work kind of helps my theatre work. So I love to be able to bounce through the mediums.

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  • I was lucky to have been there with some great people. I think I learned the most from the people around me. Just when you get talented people there, like the people who you talk to. And it spurs you on.

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  • I appreciate nature as well and everything green.

    "Will the Green Lantern Appear in Batman v Superman? We Go Straight to the (Rumored) Source". Interview With Kelsie Gibson, www.popsugar.com. February 11, 2016.
  • So much of the time I'm cast as an asshole or a douchebag, or that kind of thing. I'd like to go back to just playing a guy with a good heart. Usually so much of my stuff is ulterior motives or a dark thing to it. Maybe that's what other people see in me, but I feel like I have a warm side, too, humor and fun. I'd like to play a little bit more of that. Feel-good stuff. Why not?

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