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  • The journey is the destination.

    Life   Travel   Adventure  
  • Once one has been to these challenging terrible places they’re always strangely drawn back… because there’s nothing that can compare to seeing the raw reality of the basic human need for survival. It disgusts and inspires

  • Look for solutions, not problems.

  • The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows, so if you are broken down you will enjoy the beauty of the view.

  • There is little difference in being lost and exploring.

  • To explore the unknown and the familiar, distant and near and to record in detail with the eyes of a child, any beauty, (of the flesh or otherwise) horror, irony, traces of utopia or Hell. Select your team with care, but when in doubt, take on some new crew and give them a chance. But avoid at all costs fluctuations of sincerity with your best people.

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