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  • I just like doing a lot of different things. People need a reason to get their butts out of bed and do something.

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  • I thank God for my talents but, it took many years to achieve some of my goals. I work hard on a daily basis trying to maintain a certain fitness level, run two businesses, and teach classes in the fight game and pro wrestling.

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  • From the public's perspective, they like to see guys that go out there and stand. Now, if you happen to be one of those two athletes that are standing out there and trading with each other, afterwards you would disagree with those people. The spectators are not on the receiving end of all those strikes. I have young guys who say, "I like to stand and trade." I say, "Really? Then you are not a very intelligent fighter."

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Dan Severn

  • Born: June 8, 1958
  • Occupation: Mixed Martial Artist