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  • Honestly, I think the key () has been, treat every assignment as if it’s your first one, you know? I think there is a misconception, especially that students have and I really make a point when I speak at schools to talk about the fact that you never really arrive. You are always working towards something but you never stop. I think there is this crazy idea that you get somewhere and then everything is cool.

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  • I now find peace in the realization that countless potential masterpieces happen each moment the world over and go unphotographed. The world owes a great debt to all those who have, from a state of exceptional awareness, preserved stillness for us to hold.

    Dan Winters (2014). “Road to Seeing”, p.1967, New Riders
  • One’s visual language is not something that manifests overnight. It develops organically over a life-time. The shifts can be so subtle as to be virtually imperceptible and, at times, will come to fruition so rapidly, and with such force, that the profundity is all-consuming. That is life’s work.

    Dan Winters (2014). “Road to Seeing”, p.176, New Riders
  • It seems insane-so violent and loud. It's audacious that you would even think such a thing.

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