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  • Anarchism is really a synonym for socialism. The anarchist is primarily a socialist whose aim is to abolish the exploitation of man by man. Anarchism is only one of the streams of socialist thought, that stream whose main components are concern for liberty and haste to abolish the State.

    Men   Liberty   Haste  
    Daniel Guérin (1970). “Anarchism; from theory to practice”, Monthly Review Pr
  • In the hands of a people whose education has been willfully neglected, the ballot is a cunning swindle benefitting only the united barons of industry, trade and property.

    Hands   People   Anarchy  
    Daniel Guérin (1970). “Anarchism; from theory to practice”, Monthly Review Pr
  • To call oneself a libertarian marxist today is not to look backwards but to be committed to the future. The libertarian marxist is not an academic but a militant. He is well aware that it is up to him to change the world - no more, no less. History throws him on the brink. Everywhere the hour of the socialist revolution has sounded. Revolution - like landing on the moon - has entered the realm of the immediate and possible. Precise definition of the forms of a socialist society is no longer a utopian scheme. The only utopians are those who close their eyes to these realities.

    Eye   Moon   Reality  
  • If crimes are committed they must be seen as a disease, and punishment as treatment rather than as social vengeance.

    Daniel Guérin (1970). “Anarchism; from theory to practice”, Monthly Review Pr
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