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  • In matters of dress we wish neither silk nor rags," President Hinckley said. "We seek for the clean look, call it a wholesome look, the bright and happy look of young men and women who walk with a sense of who they are, of what is expected of them, and of what they may become.

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  • When the doctrine of repentance is fully understood then it is seen that repentance is all that ever needs to be taught for repentance means not only to stop doing those things which are wrong but to start doing those things which are right.

  • The Holy Ghost serves . . . as a revelator, revealing great, new, and important truths. God, with his infinite knowledge and power has developed a system of communication far superior to anything mortals have yet developed or even conceived. Through the Holy Spirit, he is able to communicate with his children instantly, individually, and personally.

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