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  • The hard work, you discover over the years, is in learning to discern between correct and incorrect anxiety, between the anxiety that's trying to warn you about a real danger and the anxiety that's nothing more than a lying, sadistic, unrepentant bully in your head.

    Real   Lying   Hard Work  
    Daniel Smith (2013). “Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety”, p.46, Simon and Schuster
  • Guilt at least has a purpose; it tells us we've violated some ethical code. Ditto for remorse. Those feelings are educational; they manufacture wisdom. But regret-regret is useless.

    Daniel Smith (2013). “Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety”, p.66, Simon and Schuster
  • Bob Dylan started out as a folk rip- off but he quickly ran with complex influences and it ended up to be his own sound.

    Rip   Sound   Bob  
  • There are many selfish people who are extremely original, then they take those pure ideas and use them to raise themselves up, that is an insincere move.

    Selfish   Moving   Ideas  
  • I get excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing now through all the people he is refining and raising up all over this planet. I love connections and relationship and networking but it must be led by the Spirit.

  • Up till now I wrote the songs on my acoustic guitar alone with the Lord. Then I would take the song and share it with my family and then we all would figure out instrumentation together.

    Song   Guitar   Together  
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