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  • I think that Michael Myers is an icon. The bad guys, it's always the bad guys that everybody loves. It's Michael Myers, it's Freddy, it's Jason, they're like the Dracula and Frankenstein of our generation. I think it started a new wave of horror films. They're cult classics and they're something that everybody wants to watch on Halloween.

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  • I always feel like I learn more from directors that are new, and I also am able to understand how much I really do know about filmmaking when you work with directors that maybe don't have as much experience, so you're able to sort of take the reins. I know how to do these movies, I've done so many of them and have learned from new directors who are usually willing to try new things and are more open to allowing someone like me to kind of come in and just do what I know how to do.

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  • Rob Zombie is such a filmmaker. He's so completely different from anyone else that I've ever worked with. He's so confident and laid back and so trusting that you could just show up and do whatever you want to do. He's really good about pulling an amazing cast together that he doesn't have to tell them to do anything.

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  • Directing is a very long process, and I have to be in love with it if I want to give up two years of my life and live with it from beginning to end!

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  • I don't know what I'd do if I was making a romantic comedy; I wouldn't feel like I was earning my $100 a day.

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