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  • Trying to stay in the moment as an actor and being really [present in] what you're doing and the scene that's going on and where the characters have come from, it wasn't difficult, per se, to really embody and embrace.

    "Danielle Panabaker Exclusive Interview THE CRAZIES". Interview with Matt Currie, collider.com. February 24, 2010.
  • My parents really raised me with the value that it's important to give back, and I've always gravitated towards non-profits and charities that work with children.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I fly almost every week to and from Vancouver, so staying hydrated is super important.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I'm grateful for the exposure that being on a show like The Flash gives me, particularly in this generation of social media and how accessible you can be to fans. And I think it's important to use that platform to send a positive message.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I would love a little bit of a change. I feel so fortunate to have been able to work so much, particularly in the horror-thriller genre, but I would love to be able to do something perhaps a little more dramatic or even a romantic comedy.

    Littles   Able   Comedy  
    "Danielle Panabaker Exclusive Interview THE CRAZIES". Interview with Matt Currie, collider.com. February 24, 2010.
  • My taste tends to skew a little bit towards the more feminine. Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta. Some of his wedding dresses in particular have been spectacular.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • The Art of Elysium is a program I've volunteered with for close to ten years, and I work with Unicef and Young Storytellers. My passion is really working with children since they are the future.

    Art   Children   Passion  
    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • Purple's my favorite color.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I was always the biggest nerd in school: I had very few friends; I was always picked on; I used to wear really big glasses. I was the epitome of a nerd.

    School   Glasses   Nerd  
    "Michael Angarano and Danielle Panabaker Talk Sky High". MovieWeb Interview, movieweb.com. August 2, 2005.
  • I give the character a history and a full life; this way the tears come naturally for the character in whatever situation calls for tears. Also, sometimes a certain song will help me feel emotions that evoke tears.

    Song   Character   Giving  
  • Sometimes I get a little nervous about wearing white.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • It was so enticing from the beginning to be this woman who was entrenched in The Flash's world. She's not there to just tell him what a great job he's doing, she's also there to push him further and help him to be the best that he can be. She's often the first person to be a little bit skeptical of him, which is kind of nice. She really challenges him.

    Jobs   Nice   Challenges  
    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I think people come into our lives for a reason, and we can learn from them, and they have lessons to teach us.

  • I don't think anyone would care about my private life because I don't do anything. I'm at home with my dog.

    Dog   Home   Thinking  
    "Michael Angarano and Danielle Panabaker Talk Sky High". Movieweb Interview, movieweb.com. August 02, 2005.
  • I have a scar on my forehead and the bangs were an attempt to cover that. Life sort of pushed a hair change on me, which has actually been really fun to play with. It does add a little bit of maintenance, but I have a teeny-tiny flat iron that I bought on Amazon for $20 and that has been my lifesaver. Even if all I do to get out the door is flat iron my bangs, I feel like I'm good to go.

    Fun   Hair   Doors  
    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I am actually a big sissy, and growing up, I never used to watch horror movies. Bambi gave me nightmares.

  • I had been a fan of the show [Flash] for many years, had auditioned several times, and knew it was coming towards the end of its run. I was just crossing my fingers and hoping that something worked out. It was such a dream come true.

    Running   Dream   Years  
    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I can empathize with women who feel that [sexism]. I personally haven't experienced it, and I'm grateful for that. I feel very appreciated on the show I'm on, but I do empathize. My concern is less the entertainment industry specifically, and more the general problem that women don't get paid as much as men in any industry.

    Grateful   Men   Problem  
    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • There is an element - particularly on social media - where I want to encourage positivity and kindness rather than negativity and bashing of other people. I think that is a way I try to incorporate social responsibility into my life, but I feel like my day to day is pretty average.

    Source: www.marieclaire.com
  • I really did graduate at 14, and I go to college in the Los Angeles area near where I live.

    Biography/Personal Quotes, www.imdb.com.
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