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  • It's difficult to talk to people... I walk into a room and I'm Danielle Steel, and whatever I say is going to be taken apart.

    "Lonely heart". Interview with Karen Angel, www.theage.com.au. March 19, 2006.
  • Never lose hope, and if you can, find the courage to love again.

  • Somehow you drift along on the river, and one day you wake up and you’re someplace you don’t want to be, with someone you realize you don’t know.

    Danielle Steel (2010). “Legacy”, p.213, Random House
  • I always try to write about believable people.

  • This is fusion, when two people become one. They are so close and so well suited to each other that they blend together. They merge and can't live without each other after that.

  • There's a lid for every pot... You Just have to find yours. -Avery

  • I try to write about the stuff that torments us all.

    "Lonely heart". Interview with Karen Angel, www.theage.com.au. March 19, 2006.
  • Some things in life are worth waiting for.

    Danielle Steel (2009). “Secrets”, p.26, Dell
  • I'm not an aging gracefully type. But I do believe in aging with grace.

  • I did it at night because I loved it. I never did it to make money, as a job. I just did it because I had to.

    "Lonely heart". Interview with Karen Angel, www.theage.com.au. March 19, 2006.
  • I've rarely met a shoe I didn't like.

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • You don’t know how lucky you are, my dear. Don’t waste it with regrets of the places and people you have lost. You have a lifetime to fill, so many good times and good years and great people ahead of you. You must rush to meet it.

    Danielle Steel (2006). “The Long Road Home”, Dell Publishing Company
  • I have a few obsessions in life, and one is shoes!

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • I wish I were brave, although I try. I work too hard and don't play enough. Too much work ethic, not enough 'fun'.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • The way the world sees women vs. men is a subject that really interests me.

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • In my late teenage years, I developed a real passion for it, and wrote a lot of poetry.

  • So often people tell me: you got me through this, you've really helped me. And I never realized that part of what I do is that I give people hope.

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • Her life was beginning to make sense again, although she couldn’t say she was enjoying it. But her mind was clear, and her heart was not constantly as heavy. Only when she thought about him. But she knew that in time, she’d survive it. She had done it before and would again. Eventually the heart repairs.

  • Her writing was her only escape, her only means of survival. It was a respite from a cruel world, despite seemingly comfortable surroundings.

    Danielle Steel (2006). “The Long Road Home”, Dell Publishing Company
  • There was nothing you couldn't do if you wanted it bad enough, and were willing to work hard enough to get it.

  • People have entire relationships via text message now, but I am not partial to texting. I need context, nuance and the warmth and tone that can only come from a human voice.

  • Nothing is forever, but there's a continuing stream of people who go through our lives and continue with us... Nothing just stops and stays... But it flows on... Like a river.

    Danielle Steel (2009). “The Gift”, p.109, Random House
  • I started writing stories as a child.

  • Never settle for less than your dreams, somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

    Danielle Steel (2009). “Bittersweet”, p.7, Random House
  • That is what touches me most. When somebody says: you really made a difference.

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • He was gone, and she was broken hearted, that was all that mattered.

  • You can have anything you want, if you go out and get it. If you claim it as your own. You have a right to it.

  • Like a small animal burrowing into its hole, I shift furniture around, and back myself into a cozy corner, with my back to the wall...and then I can write.

  • People are so obsessed with that these days. As long as you're healthy, what difference do a few pounds make? Crazy diets. Thirteen-year-old girls on magazine covers who wind up in hospitals because they're so anorexic. Real women don't look like that. And who wants them to? No one wants a woman who looks sick or like she;s been from a refugee camp.

    Danielle Steel (2010). “Big Girl”, p.378, Random House
  • I completed my first novel when I was 19 years old.

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