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  • Over the years, my books have been given a lot more credence than they should. I don't think people should take them quite that seriously. They're not a theological treatise; they were never intended to be. I find myself in awkward situations sometimes because people think I'm some great authority on spiritual warfare, but I'm not. I never have been.

  • Through all this other stuff I was doing, I always went back to the writing, and it was writing that made me feel whole, complete.

  • A girl should get so lost in God, that a guy has to seek God to find her!

  • The allure of immodesty is not in what is seen but what is not seen. Modesty issues a challenge for one man to romantically earn your virtue.

  • You cannot limit the power of your modesty to just what you wear. It is also controlled or forfeited by where you are willing to go with guys, why you go there, and how you act.

    Dannah Gresh (2005). “Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty”, p.68, Moody Publishers
  • When you truly love God, you obey Him.

    Dannah Gresh (2017). “Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of Modesty for Tweens”, p.176, Moody Publishers
  • A girl's modesty is first noted by her external presentation, but if it's not followed by the confidence of internal modesty, she still forfeits the power of her virtue.

  • You were created as a masterpiece and you are one of God's expressions of beauty. Short, tall, thin, thick, freckles, big eyes, small ones . . . it doesn't matter.

    Dannah Gresh (2017). “Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos: with Coloring Experience”, p.309, Moody Publishers
  • Which are you? Are you the single woman who is just barely getting by who will become an insignificant spinster one day? Or are you the kind that's more dangerous, leading the lost further into their lostness? Or is your singleness fueled by the power of the Spirit so that you are one who uses it for good, leaving a legacy of lives changed?

    FaceBook post by Dannah Gresh from Dec 24, 2016
  • God calls me to write the truth of my life transparently so that others can learn from my hurt and heartache without taking the field trip themselves.

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