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  • You want to make people relaxed.

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  • I'm not just a fan of the really restored ones, the shiny ones. But I like the working man's cars.

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  • I'm photographing all the time. I'm such a visual person and I don't want to miss that moment.

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  • I was at a Madonna show many, many years ago and I was in the sweet spot and she came out and I mean it was the best part of the show. And I was shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting. And I'm like, "God, I must have shot a hundred pictures have I not run out of film?" And I opened the back of my camera and there was no film in there. So that happened to me only once.

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  • I'm trying to capture a moment. It's not about the singer at the microphone. I'm trying to look for, like, a moment in between.

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  • I always want to be prepared, 'cause you never know who's going to come to your studio.

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