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  • Travel opens different eyes to different things, shows things we've never seen before, shows the world from entirely different angles. That's the power of drawing and the power of travel. They both make the familiar unfamiliar and vice versa. They show what we all have in common and what we may have missed thanks to preconceptions that may have marred our vision.

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  • Every day matters. I think so. I do. But I really have to work to force myself to see its value sometimes.

  • Sure, you need enormous amounts of technical expertise to be the best in the world. But to accomplish mindfulness, you just need something you already have: the willingness to quiet down, clear the crap and trust yourself.

  • My drawing began as a way to count my blessings. To study, capture, catalog the things that, despite it all, make my life rich.

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  • Follow your passion and the rest will straighten itself out.

  • Please DO waste art materials. Use paper. Empty paint jars. Deplete pens. if it's teaching you stuff, it's not being wasted.

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