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  • A human body is a conversation going on, both within the cells and between the cells, and they're telling each other to grow and to die; when you're sick, something's gone wrong with that conversation.

    Health   Cells   Sick  
  • People are mostly focused on defending the computers on the Internet, and there's been surprisingly little attention to defending the Internet itself as a communications medium. And I think we probably do need to pay some more attention to that, because it's actually kind of fragile.

    "The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B". TED Talk, www.ted.com. February 2013.
  • Global consciousness is that thing responsible for deciding that pots containing decaffeinated coffee should be orange.

  • The computers are in control. We just live in their world.

    "The AI Revolution Is On" by Steven Levy, www.wired.com. December 27, 2010.
  • If transportation technology was moving along as fast as microprocessor technology, then the day after tomorrow I would be able to get in a taxi cab and be in Tokyo in 30 seconds.

  • Design: holding conflicting ideas in your head without difficulty

  • What we need is a plan B ... independent of the Internet. [It] doesn't necessarily have to have the performance of the Internet, but the police department has to be able to call up the fire department.

  • I'm as fond of my body as anyone, but if I can be 200 with a body of silicon, I'll take it.

    Body   Silicon   Ifs  
  • I am convinced that we humans are just at the beginning of our journey, on our way to becoming something more wonderful than we can imagine.

    Journey   Way   Becoming  
    "The Wired Diaries 2000". www.wired.com. January 1, 2000.
  • If you hear an expert talking about the Internet and saying it [does] this, or it will do that, you should treat it with the same skepticism that you might treat the comments of an economist about the economy or a weatherman about the weather.

  • An attitude of only taking what you need was built into the protocols of the Internet itself.

  • Your genome knows much more about your medical history than you do.

  • I want to build a clock that ticks once a year. The century hand advances once every one hundred years, and the cuckoo comes out on the millennium. I want the cuckoo to come out every millennium for the next 10,000 years. If I hurry I should finish the clock in time to see the cuckoo come out for the first time.

    Hands   Years   Want  
  • Last century, when the beams needed replacing, carpenters used oak trees that had been planted in 1386 when the dining hall was first built. The 14th-century builder had planted the trees in anticipation of the time, hundreds of years in the future, when the beams would need replacing. Did the carpenters plant new trees to replace the beams again a few hundred years from now?

    Years   Tree   Lasts  
    "WIRED SCENARIOS: - The Millennium Clock Danny Hillis". www.wired.com. December 06, 1995.
  • [Language is] really a pretty amazing invention if you think about it. Here I have a very complicated, messy, confused idea in my head. I'm sitting here making grunting sounds and hopefully constructing a similar messy, confused idea in your head that bears some analogy to it.

  • We're at a point in time which is analogous to when single-celled organisms were turning into multi-celled organisms. So we're the amoebas.

  • A novice was trying to fix a broken Lisp machine by turning the power off and on. Knight, seeing what the student was doing, spoke sternly: "You cannot fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong." Knight turned the machine off and on. The machine worked.

  • Technology is everything that doesn’t work yet.

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