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  • Science "knows" it doesn't know everything, otherwise it would stop.

    "Dara Ó Briain: Live at the Theatre Royal". Documentary, Comedy, November 2006.
  • My iPod holds 3,000 albums. I own, like, 90 albums. My iPod sits at home, sullen, frustrated, and underused, like a wife who gave up her career and the kids turned out to be shite.

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  • I'm an appalling cook. I can just about create a glass of orange juice and a ham-and-cheese sandwich.

  • "Herbal medicine's been around for thousands of years!" Indeed it has, and then we tested it all, and the stuff that worked became 'medicine'. And the rest of it is just a nice bowl of soup and some potpourri.

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    "Dara O'Briain Talks Funny: Live in London". Documentary, Comedy, 2008.
  • I think the English are bipolar. 'We're the greatest, no we're terrible' - that's a constant English struggle. Crime is down, there's little poverty - yet it's always the worst time to have lived here.

  • Science knows it doesn't know everything; otherwise, it'd stop. But just because science doesn't know everything doesn't mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy tale most appeals to you.

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  • There are three states of legality in Irish law. There is all this stuff which comes under That's grand, then it moves into Ah now don't push it, and finally it comes under Right now you're takin the piss, and that's when the police come in.

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  • Doesn't it get on my nerves when people say science doesn't know everything. Science knows it doesn't know everything otherwise it would stop. Just becuase science doesn't know everything doesn't mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy-tale appeals to you.

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  • On getting mugged: I carry around months and months of receipts. I need a mugger who can file my VAT returns.

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  • Nostalgia is heroin for old people.

    Interview with Malcolm Hay, www.timeout.com. April 24, 2006.
  • If we were truly created by God, why do we occasionally bite the insides of our mouths?

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