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  • I don't believe that there's a silver bullet, that if you just do this one thing, you solve the problems of the world.

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  • Race is a core reality of American experience. Media images on television need to reflect that reality to help people who consume media and who don't have the day-to-day, face-to-face contact with others, or where that contact is minimal, to help them have a greater appreciation of other experiences and how they're all part of the American fabric.

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  • It's just unfair that talent of color aren't given the same opportunities as white and male actors, directors, producers, writers, et cetera.

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  • It's hard to win awards if there are no roles.

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  • People learn a lot about what they think they know about other people from what they see in the media. If they see certain types of images reproduced over and over again for other groups that limit them to narrow types of roles and portrayals, they start to take those prejudices into their interactions with those people in real society, and that creates all kinds of discriminatory problems.

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