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  • Why don't presidents fight the war? - Why do they always send the poor?

    "B.Y.O.B". Song by Daron Malakian, Serj Tankian, 2005.
  • Masturbation is great for the right arm

  • I would expect another Scars album before another System album.

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  • Superman told me... that we needed to make a double... type of record... and so I answered: 'Okay, Superman. We will make... a double type of record but it won't be a double album because... Batman... didn't want a double album'

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  • Does it bother me that some people are burning their own System CDs and taking money out of my pocket? Not really. This has always been about putting the best possible version of the song in the fans hands. It was like selling an artist's painting before he had finished it.

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  • Other kids would take their parents to the toy store and I'd take my mom to the record store.

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  • Back in the day, when the emperor or the king or whatever waged war, they went to war, too. But that's been lost in time.

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  • Masturbation is good for the right arm.

  • It's important not to take yourself too seriously, ... and I think sometimes people take us a lot more seriously than we take ourselves, especially when it comes to politics. Politics, for me, is a reflection of the world I live in. But love is just as important as politics to me. They both exist in the world, you know? And if you don't reflect the entire world around you, then you're leaving something out.

  • But love is just as important as politics to me. They both exist in the world, you know? And if you dont reflect the entire world around you, then youre leaving something out.

  • I like to watch retarded people have sex, am I alone?

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