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  • I want to do things that are very outside of the box, and I want to do movies that no one else can do. If someone else can make the movie that I'm making, then I shouldn't do it.

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  • You can say, "I don't believe in anything," but you do because you believe in nothing. That is your belief system.

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  • I think there's a perception of me that I'm the dark lord of all that is scary and gory, but that's completely false. I love musicals. My house is very bright and lit. It's not what people would really expect from a Saw director, but I think that's what allows me to do the things that I do.

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  • I'm smart enough to realize that the world does not stop and change because I want it to.

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  • I don't think people realizemilie-autumn-devils-carnivale that, once you turn your director's cut in, it's no longer yours.

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  • I want to make these films that I think other people would be scared to do. I don't think anyone can go off and make a rock opera. I think it's a very specific niche.

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  • Maybe this is extremely selfish of me, but I do things that I want to make and I don't really care about anyone else when I'm thinking about an idea.

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