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  • we have become masters of projection—pushing the responsibility for our own thoughts outward so that the consequences of our thoughts become someone else's problem.

    Darren Main (2003). “Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation: 3rd Edition”, p.21, BookBaby
  • Try to let go of the idea that you need to do yoga perfectly in order to see its benefits. Rather, let it be a process of waking up to who you really are. If you do this, you will know joy. And that joy will be your gift to a world that very much needs our healing.

  • Meditation is a time to focus, train the mind, and bring it to stillness. It is not a time to rest and relax.

    Time   Focus   Meditation  
    Darren Main (2003). “Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation: 3rd Edition”, p.14, BookBaby
  • Life is a series of choices that are made in the present moment.

    Life   Choices   Moments  
    Darren Main (2002). “Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic”, p.173, BookBaby
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