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  • I'm lonely. What kind of loneliness? Every kind. I feel disconnected. Abandoned. As always. Repetition. So what, my love? So what? At first, I just wanted to run away. Now I have no where else to run to, nothing to run from. I don't belong anywhere, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to be happy.

  • I cried, for happiness, for sadness, but most of all, for emptiness.

  • I hate fishes, they all look so miserable. 3 seconds later they will forget. And then I envy them.

    Hate   Envy   Looks  
  • I usually want to die or do nothing.

  • No more running away from something or someone or myself.

    "Supermodel Daul Kim found hanged after posting web messages" by Henry Samuel, www.telegraph.co.uk. November 20, 2009.
  • I am a dumb piece of meat and I rot everyday my flesh gives a rotting smell and people say it's the smell of life and they come to me and watch me rot and get happy and upset and annoyed and disgusted and maybe sometimes feel compassion but they don't realize they are rotting too.

  • I already accepted that I relate to nothing. The more I gain, the more lonely it is I know I'm like a ghost.

    Lonely   Gains   Ghost  
  • I wonder whats wrong with me. Sometimes I just keep wanting to go deeper and deeper into the world of self destruction. Like as if I want to see myself fail completely and disappear.

    Self   World   Want  
  • I feel kinda happy. I discover that you were not leaving or disappearing. It is like you are here, there and everywhere. Just in the air. You taught me about time. I am now learning about space. It seems that both just vanish. It is awesome. Maybe the closest feeling to love.

    Air   Space   Leaving  
  • I need to learn how to stop destroying myself, stop being hard on myself and be nice to myself. I need to keep telling myself that I need to keep wanting something, something nice, something warm[so] I can make other people happy. I can understand other people's pain because I can love even after all that is left of me is gone because I have that strength.

    Pain   Nice   People  
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