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  • I’m I really working on the right thing, or once I put the solution in place I’m I going to get the benefit out of it, or is this masking some other underlying thing, whether it’s personal or what have you. I mean, I always get to that too because that’s the subtlety of problem selection.

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  • Always play to the cheap seats. That's where the critics sit. The people who sit up front don't come to hear you play; they come to sit up front.

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  • The social Web is incredibly good at shining bright lights into dark corners.

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  • The college students come out and they’re doing something for the first time, so by definition it’s dramatic for the most part, but most people don’t jump out of the airplane or sign up to become a French clown. That’s not the move they’re mostly making. They’re mostly making things a little bit better where they are and so to make things a little better where you are, you really got to get underneath what’s bugging you, what is working for you.

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  • I mean the number one reframe with different people is, there is no one right answer to your life. There are lots of great yous, there's no one single best you and by the way, you never actually know about the ones you didn't get a chance to try. We're all getting partial credit on easy questions, not right, wrong on true or false, on all the big issues of life. That's the same, once you accept that, that's the nature of being a human being, then how's it going to day, it's going reasonably well, which is fabulous because that's as good as it gets.

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