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  • I don't care who you love. If you love this country enough to risk your life for it, you shouldn't have to hide who you are.

    Life   Country   Risk  
    "This Week" with Christiane Amanpour, December 19, 2010.
  • Merging the ability to conduct surveillance that reveals every aspect of a person's life with the ability to conjure up the legal authority to execute that surveillance, and finally, removing any accountable judicial oversight, creates the opportunity for unprecedented influence over our system of government.

    "White House urges Congress to reject moves to curb NSA surveillance" by Spencer Ackerman, July 23, 2013.
  • With the loss of Free Choice Vouchers, hundreds of thousands of workers will now be forced to choose between their employers' unaffordable insurance or going without health care.

    Loss   Choices   Care  
    "Is This How You Want Your Senate To Do Business?" by Ron Wyden, April 14, 2011.
  • You essentially have a human-relations database on millions of Americans. The administration said, "Well we're not listening to calls, we don't collect content." As [Vice President] Joe Biden said when he was a United States senator, you don't need to listen to those calls. If you have who somebody called, when and where, and you learned, for example, somebody called a psychiatrist three times in the last few days and twice after midnight, you know a lot about that person that they may not want people to know about them, especially the government.

    "Stopping the 'Ever-Expanding Surveillance State'". Interview with Aj Vicens, July 31, 2013.
  • There is an old saying that all roads lead to Rome. It seems the administration so often clearly believes that no matter what the evidence was at any particular time, essentially everything led to Saddam Hussein.

    Time   Believe   Rome  
  • The idea of a federal betting parlor on atrocities and terrorism is ridiculous and it's grotesque.

    "Amid furor, Pentagon kills terrorism futures market". July 30, 2003.
  • As Members of Congress we can now engage with our constituents via online innovations like the Huffington Post, while a small business in rural Oregon can use the Internet to find customers around the world.

    Oregon   Innovation   Use  
    "We Can’t Take the Internet for Granted" by Ron Wyden, November 16, 2011.
  • Let's hold insurance companies accountable the right way by making them put their whole customer base on the line.

    "Rachel Maddow Show", October 26, 2009.
  • If China is helping its domestic industries charge an artificially low price for solar panels and other environmental goods, then China is violating international trade rules that it agreed to when it became a member of the World Trade Organization.

    "Trade Rules Matter" by Ron Wyden, February 28, 2012.
  • With a host of proposals on the table and a President examining new ideas for health reform, we have an obligation to give real reform our best shot.

    Real   Ideas   Giving  
    "A Plan for Health Reform" by Ron Wyden, March 8, 2007.
  • Gasoline prices are soaring through the stratosphere, and the Federal Trade Commission, which is supposed to be standing up for the consumer, ought to stop playing footsie with the oil companies and take steps to protect the American people.

  • Right now, there are a limited number of customers for Canadian oil. Due to simple geography - and without the pipeline - it's really only cost effective for Canadian oil producers to sell their oil to North American customers, mostly American Midwesterners.

    Simple   Oil   Numbers  
    "Is the Keystone XL Pipeline a Good Deal for Americans?" by Sen. Ron Wyden, October 17, 2011.
  • The Internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we learn about the world and the way we conduct business.

    Way   World   Internet  
    "My Letter to the Internet" by Sen. Ron Wyden, January 18, 2012.
  • Under the Healthy Americans Act, you're in charge of your health care - not your employer. If you lose your job, change jobs or just can't find a job, your health insurance is guaranteed to stick with you.

    Jobs   Healthy   Care  
    "My Movie About Better Health Care [Rated PG-13]" by Ron Wyden, April 17, 2011.
  • More customers for Canadian oil means that Canadian producers can charge more for their oil, which then means that American businesses and consumers will pay more for oil.

    Mean   Oil   Pay  
    "Is the Keystone XL Pipeline a Good Deal for Americans?" by Ron Wyden, October 17, 2011.
  • In order to do vigorous oversight, the leadership of the intelligence community has got to be straight with the American people and straight with the Congress. For there to be vigorous oversight, the intelligence community's got to be straight with the American people and the Congress and that has not been the case.

  • It's time to look beyond the budget ax to assure access to health care for all. It's time to look for bipartisan solutions to the problems we can tackle today, and to work together for tomorrow - building a health care system that works for all Americans.

  • In today's world, it is shortsighted to think that infectious diseases cannot cross borders. By allowing developing countries access to generic drugs, we not only help improve health in those nations, we also help ourselves control these debilitating and often deadly diseases.

    Country   Thinking   Drug  
  • It's correct that I wanted health reform to do more to create choices and promote competition.

    "Missing the Point" by Sen. Ron Wyden, September 3, 2010.
  • This house better get cleaned up in six months. The swamp is going to have to be drained pretty quickly.

    House   Swamps   Months  
  • The combination of the growth of these digital technologies, the ability of the government to conjure up these secret interpretations, plus a very unusual and novel court make for this ever-expanding surveillance state. We so treasure our freedoms; we will regret it if our generation doesn't use this unique time to reform the surveillance laws and make it clear that security and liberty are not mutually exclusive. We can do both.

  • I think we have to ask this administration, and the President specifically, about using their political capital now to stand up for the American consumer who is getting clobbered by these gasoline and oil prices.

  • The president has the authority to end this dragnet surveillance immediately

  • Trade wars arent started by countries appealing to respected, independent trade authorities. Rather, trade wars begin when one country decides to violate international trade rules to undercut another countrys industries.

  • Police departments no longer have to pay overtime or divert resources from other projects to find out where an individual goes - all they have to do is place a tracking device on someone's car or ask a cell phone company for that individual's location history and the technology does the work for them.

    "Congress Should Resolve Location Tracking Questions" by Ron Wyden, November 8, 2011.
  • Right at the heart of the Affordable Care Act is the ban on insurance companies discriminating against people with a pre-existing condition. And this part of the Affordable Care Act makes sure that health care is not just for the healthy and wealthy.

    Heart   People   Healthy  
  • Congress should consult experts and consider alternatives and make 100% sure that any step it takes to police the Internet doesn't change the Internet as we know it.

  • Part of what we're trying to do is lay out what really happened. For example, I've been trying to get across that the intelligence leadership did not just keep the country in the dark. They actively misled the country on key issues. When you have someone who heads the NSA saying we don't hold data at all on US citizens, that's one of the most misleading statements I believe that's ever been made about surveillance policy. And I think that now we're starting to get that message across.

    Country   Believe   Dark  
    "Stopping the 'Ever-Expanding Surveillance State'". Interview with Aj Vicens, July 31, 2013.
  • I think if progressives stay at this, continue at the grassroots level to make the case that all Americans should have choice, all Americans ought to be able to hold insurance companies accountable, I think we will have 60 votes in the United States Senate for a strong bill.

    "Rachel Maddow Show", October 26, 2009.
  • If we are going to have a health care program that works for all Americans, we are going to have to get beyond the blame game.

    Games   Care   Blame  
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    Ron Wyden

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