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  • You can't be hesitant about who you are.

    "STAGE TO SCREENS: Chats with Intimate Apparel's Viola Davis and New York Newcomer, King Lear's Geraint Wyn Davies" by Michael Buckley, March 14, 2004.
  • I have been given a lot of roles that are downtrodden, mammy-ish.

    "Viola Davis as You’ve Never Seen Her Before: Leading Lady!" by Amy Wallace, September 12, 2014.
  • As an artist, you've got to see the mess. That's what we do. We get a human being, and it's like putting together a puzzle. And the puzzle has got to be a mixture, a multifaceted mixture of human emotions, and not all of it is going to be pretty.

  • If you're a boxer, you want to get the ring with a Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali type. When you're acting, you want to get in with Meryl Streep, and that's what I did.

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  • I also tried to leave myself alone enough to be surprised by the news. That's when it had its potency. If I approach everything with joy and hope and love, which is what we all do. Every day we get up we're hoping that today is going to be the day that's going to get you over the hump. I tried to do that as much as I could. So then when all the news happens you see what she is made out of.

    Joy   And Love   News  
  • Anything can be achieved with a good, healthy dose of courage.

  • Creativity only resonates if you infuse real life into the work.

  • The sentiment that I had a little trouble with was the idea that, "You change the school, you change the community." I couldn't wrap my mind around that.

  • Each character has their own challenges. The challenge to doing one scene is your whole history of who you are and your relationships, you only have this one shot.

  • Now, a lot of people may be surprised at that, but I'm very dedicated to working out. Usually, it's running. It clears my mind, totally. I get on the treadmill, which I just bought, and I run on that for about 40-45 minutes.

  • I think sometimes what people miss about black people is that we're complicated.

  • My first wedding was 15 people at our condo. The second was maybe about a hundred people at this fabulous casino. And you know what? I have almost no pictures of the second one, because I put disposable cameras on the tables, because everyone said, "The best pictures are the most candid! The best pictures are the ones people just take!" So, I put disposable cameras on the tables, and guess what? There were so many kids there that those cameras were stomped on. I had so many pictures of the floor, of people's eyes, of someone's finger.

    Kids   Eye   People  
  • I had several teachers who inspired me, in both the public school system and the Upward Bound program. I needed several, because I lived in such abject poverty and dysfunction. And they're still in my life today, because I consider them to be friends, actually.

  • People call me a theater actor, but I'm just an actor. But I tell my friends all the time - especially a lot that do theater and haven't done a lot of TV/film - that you have so much more control over your work onstage. When you go onstage, you can really see the difference between people who can really do it, and people who are just kind of pretending to do it. There is no editor, there's nothing that's going to stop the actor from showing what they can do unless it's not a well-written role.

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  • I can't speak for the Kathryn Stockett, but I would guess that she feels proud of the progress the South has made because, growing up, she experienced a very different Mississippi than the one that exists today.

  • I didn't see myself any different from my white counterparts in school. I just didn't! I thought I could do what they did. And what I didn't do well, I thought people were going to give me the opportunity to do well, because maybe they saw my talent, so they would give me a chance. I had no idea that they would see me completely different.

    Interview with Steve Heisler, February 18, 2009.
  • Cicely Tyson was my inspiration to become an actor.

  • And "classically not beautiful" is a fancy term for saying ugly. And denouncing you. And erasing you.

    Beautiful   Ugly   Fancy  
    "Viola Davis Responds to Being Called 'Less Classically Beautiful': 'You Define You'" by Yesha Callahan, September 26, 2014.
  • It's time for people to see us, people of colour, for what we really are: complicated.

  • There's a big difference in doing a play or doing any project that not a lot of people see and then a project that you know everyone will see. There is more pressure, performance anxiety per se. And then when you do and what you love is really put to test.

  • I think that I'm coming off as the biggest alcoholic in the world.

  • I think that you always want to gravitate towards people who absolutely are great at what they do and go for authenticity.

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  • The world is very good at encouraging you to go along with the status quo and at basking in your successes. But when you hit a wall in your personal life, and you screw up, people don't give you a chance to navigate your way through it and tap into what's extraordinary about you.

    Wall   People   Giving  
  • The internal sexism within womanhood is very ­predominant in Hollywood, because we all want to be ­successful. There's a plug to it: You all have to be skinny! You all have to be pretty! You all have to be likable, because that's the ­formula that works. On an ­executive level. On a power level. And it's not always the same working with black people, because of the internalized racism. The colorism.

    "Shondaland roundtable: Viola Davis, Ellen Pompeo, and Kerry Washington go unfiltered". Interview with Melissa Maerz, September 21, 2015.
  • I think that's something that people feel that I do really well; I don't mind it, because ultimately I think the characters I play move people, and who wouldn't want to move people?

  • You cannot live to please everyone else. You have to edify, educate and fulfill your own dreams and destiny.

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  • And that's what people want to see when they go to the theater. I believe at the end of the day, they want to see themselves - parts of their lives they can recognize. And I feel if I can achieve that, it's pretty spectacular.

  • [Denzel Washington] was rustling with something and when he came back it was with a word about loving myself and the body that I'm in because I was still going on and on about the weight thing. I just liked that, because what people don't understand is that so much of what blocks us as actors is so personal.

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  • Sometimes you take a job for the money, sometimes you take it for the location, sometimes you take it for the script; there are just a number of reasons, and ultimately what you see is the whole landscape of it. But I can tell you from behind the scenes - that's what it is, as an actor.

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  • I am not a morning person, but I always work out - always.

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