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  • Remarrying a husband you've divorced is like having your appendix put back in.

  • Souls were the same. They, too, had useless baggage that impeded their proper performance, these annoying, holier-than-thou bits dangling like an appendix waiting for infection. Faith and hope and love...prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude...all this useless clutter just packed too much damn morality into the heart, getting in the way of the soul's innate desire for malignancy.

    Love   Heart   Justice  
    J.R. Ward (2009). “Covet: A Novel of the Fallen Angels”, p.17, Penguin
  • I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix.

    Brain   Appendix   Mere  
    Arthur Conan Doyle (2013). “The Complete Sherlock Holmes”, p.1057, Race Point Pub
  • The guy may be totally motivated, connected and inspired, but if he doesn't know how to do it, he's not the guy to take out your appendix.

    Guy   May   Inspired  
  • The thinnest I've ever been was after I had my appendix out, during the London run of The Seagull. I went down to 112 pounds and realized my brain doesn't work when I'm that thin, so I can't do my job. That's why, when I came out here, I never had that whole Hollywood pressure thing. I never said I wanted to be a lead actress; I never said I wanted to be a film actress. This need to trump everyone bewilders me. I'm only 25. I'm not better than anyone. I just want to watch other people and learn to be good.

    Running   Jobs   People  
  • I was quite thin, and I didn't have to worry until I had my appendix out and a mysterious metabolic change occurred.

  • I'm sure we're going to find out one day that the brain is as worthless as the appendix.

  • We humans have many vestigial features proving that we evolved. The most famous is the appendix.

    Prove   Humans   Features  
    Jerry A. Coyne (2010). “Why Evolution is True”, p.65, Oxford University Press
  • There are only two perfectly useless things in this world. One is an appendix and the other is Poincaré.

    "Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World". Book by Margaret MacMillan, p. 33, 2003.
  • In the appendix to my History of the Russian Revolution I give a detailed and documented study of the ideas of the Bolshevik party on the October revolution. This study, I hope, will make it impossible in the future to ascribe to [Vladimir] Lenin the theory of Socialism in a single country.

    Country   Party   Ideas  
  • A man's life is an appendix to his heart.

    Heart   Men   Life Is  
    "Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers". Book by Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, p.315, 1895.
  • Progress: The process whereby the human race has got rid of whiskers, the vermiform appendix and God.

    "A Book of Burlesques". Book by H. L. Mencken, 1916.
  • I am not religious. I do not believe that personhood is conferred upon conception. But I also do not believe that a human embryo is the moral equivalent of a hangnail and deserves no more respect than an appendix.

  • The pace of science forces the pace of technique. Theoretical physics forces atomic energy on us; the successful production of the fission bomb forces upon us the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb. We do not choose our problems, we do not choose our products; we are pushed, we are forced -- by what? By a system which has no purpose and goal transcending it, and which makes man its appendix.

    1955 The Sane Society.
  • Research the imagination. It was as obsolete as the appendix in most adults, except for those in whom, like the appendix, it became inflamed for no reason.

    Patricia A. McKillip (2012). “Wonders of the Invisible World”, p.18, Tachyon Publications
  • Religion is like our appendix, a vestigial remnant from a primitive past. Perhaps in a few millennia the god of Abraham will invoke the same curious amusement as rain and sun gods do today. Or perhaps our god will simply be shelved along with Zeus and Jupiter. Some day. But until then, we suffer the consequences of a population that believes in the absence of evidence and, more curiously, rejects an objective reality that conflicts with beliefs easily proven false.

    Rain   Believe   Past  
    "Pareidolia in Politics: The Face of Faith’s Corrupting Influence". January 26, 2015.
  • When I am dying, I should like my life taken out under general anaesthetic, exactly as if it were a diseased appendix.

    Taken   Dying   Should  
    Richard Dawkins (2008). “The God Delusion”, p.400, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • I have bitten down or swallowed a few pellets through the years. My uncle had his appendix removed and there were over 100 lead pellets in it. He might have died of lead poisoning. Now that is eating a lot of game!

    Uncles   Years   Games  
    Interview with Emily Whitten, December 19, 2013.
  • I had my appendix out when I was 11, and that was the last time I was in a hospital. That was a one-night deal. So I've spent basically one night in a hospital.

    Night   Lasts   Deals  
    "Donald Trump’s interview with Dr. Oz was just as amazingly strange as we thought it would be". September 15, 2016.
  • It should be done with the same degree of alacrity and nonchalance that you would display in authorizing a highly intelligent trained bear to remove your appendix.

  • Dads are the appendix of humanity. They should just be taken out before they start causing problems.

    Dad   Taken   Humanity  
    Nick Burd (2009). “The Vast Fields of Ordinary”, p.94, Penguin
  • I cant retire from music any more than I can retire from my liver. Youd have to remove the music from me surgically—like you were taking out my appendix.

    Ray Charles, David Ritz (2004). “Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story”, p.307, Da Capo Press
  • The first chess book that I read was Dufresne's self-tutor, published with Lasker's Common Sense in Chess as an appendix.

    Book   Learning   Self  
  • He loves me, he doesn't love my bowels, if they showed him my appendix in a glass he wouldn't recognize it, he's always feeling me, but if they put the glass in his hands he wouldn't touch it, he wouldn't think, "that's hers," you ought to love all of somebody, the esophagus, the liver, the intestines. Maybe we don't love them because we aren't used to them, but if we saw them the way we saw our hands and arms maybe we'd love them; the starfish must love each other better than we do.

    Jean-Paul Sartre (2010). “The Wall: (Intimacy) and Other Stories”, p.56, New Directions Publishing
  • The modern king has become a vermiform appendix: useless when quiet; when obtrusive, in danger of removal.

    Kings   Useless   Quiet  
  • How's his appendix?""Like crap. They almost didn't catch it in time, and he's still doing the ass-plant in a hospital bed, beingdoted on by an army of hot nurses. Makes me sick.""Maybeyou should rupture something.""Any more of these stories out of you and I just might.

    Army   Nurse   Sick  
  • Indeed, the best books have a use, like sticks and stones, which is above or beside their design, not anticipated in the preface,not concluded in the appendix. Even Virgil's poetry serves a very different use to me today from what it did to his contemporaries. It has often an acquired and accidental value merely, proving that man is still man in the world.

    Book   Men   Design  
    Henry David Thoreau (2017). “The Most Alive is the Wildest – Thoreau’s Complete Works on Living in Harmony with the Nature: Walden, Walking, Night and Moonlight, The Highland Light, A Winter Walk, The Maine Woods, A Walk to Wachusett, The Landlord, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, Autumnal Tints, Wild Apples…”, p.292, e-artnow
  • I remember burying a girl fourteen years of age who had died with a ruptured appendix... I buried a good many people that I knew, some of whom I loved.

    Girl   Years   People  
  • Big Brother isn't watching. He's singing and dancing. He's pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother's busy holding your attention every moment you're awake. He's making sure you're always distracted. He's making sure you're fully absorbed. He's making sure your imagination withers. Until it's as useful as your appendix. He's making sure your attention is always filled. And this being fed, it's worse than being watched. With the world always filling you, no one has to worry about what's in your mind. With everyone's imagination atrophied, no one will ever be a threat to the world.

    "Lullaby". Book by Chuck Palahniuk, 2002.
  • I grew up in a family of ten. You had to have, like, a burst appendix to get the floor.... My brothers and sisters are very quick, intense, brilliant, very sarcastic people. And they were always right there with you, right there, missing not one little throat clearing.

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