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  • Although one never really knows what one's associates think of one deep down, I believe I was easy to work with, even though I have the reputation of being authoritative. Still, I've always delegated responsibility and authority to other; I've always listened to opposing views and suggestions with an open mind.

    Guy de Rothschild (1985). “The whims of fortune”
  • If you're a member of a despised group, look out! They'll find a drug and associate you with its use. There are a lot of people in the gay community using methamphetamine and paying taxes and going to work and doing well.

    Gay   People   Community  
  • I don't think clients you represented as an associate are relevant ... I think how you vote is relevant.

    Thinking   Clients   Vote  
    Times Union (Albany), November 15, 2005.
  • No one would have picked me out in high school and said, 'This guy is going to be in show business.' I don't have any of the talents you would normally associate with show business.

    School   Guy   Talent  
  • I am a character, so that's the problem. There are many, many levels to how I behave. Some people might associate being Marilyn Manson as having lipstick on, but I don't really have some sort of other lifestyle.

    "MARILYN MANSON: 'I Am Misanthropic And Self-Loathing, But Never Nihilistic'". Interview with Michael Hamersly, January 20, 2008.
  • Do you want to know the easiest way to fall in love? Just associate with all your pleasant experiences of someone, and disassociate from all the unpleasant ones.

    Love   Fall   Want  
  • The thing that people associate with expertise, authoritativeness, kind of with a capital 'A,' don't correlate very well with who's actually good at making predictions.

  • In social networks, you gain and bestow status through those you associate with.

  • For Plotinus, what really exists are the Platonic forms, so the true nature or form of things like justice, beauty, maybe numbers, things like that, and these he associates with the intellect because they're the objects of intellect, they are things that intellect can think about.

  • Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

    George Washington, Jared Sparks (1834). “The Writings of George Washington: pt. I. Official letters relating to the French war, and private letters before the American revolution: March, 1754-May, 1775”, p.413
  • I wanted to be a painter and an artist. And it's interesting that in some of my later musical works, I refer so often and associate myself with works of art.

    "Listen Back To A 1988 Conversation With Composer Gunther Schuller". "Fresh Air", June 22, 2015.
  • Like the Birth Of Venus, the song [Yello "oh, Yeah"] denotes the birth of the bro. The song just reminds me of bros looking out over lowered Ray-Bans. It birthed a negative sexual revolution. I was going to a lot of bondage clubs at the time and they did play this song. The song I associate more is that horrible Enigma song with the Gregorian chant. There's something good buried in that song and I might not hate it as much if I hadn't been a sex worker.

    Song   Sex   Hate  
    "Margaret Cho on why Yello's "Oh Yeah" reminds her of sex clubs and John Hughes". Interview with Drew Fortune, March 2, 2016.
  • Being on time to appointments and meetings is a phase of self-discipline and an evidence of self-respect. Punctuality is a courteous compliment the intelligent person pays to his associates.

  • Isn't it grand, isn't it good, that language has only one word for everything we associate with love - from utter sanctity to the most fleshly lust? The result is perfect clarity in ambiguity, for love cannot be disembodied even in its most sanctified forms, nor is it without sanctity even at its most fleshly. Love is always simply itself, both as a subtle affirmation of life and as the highest passion; love is our sympathy with organic life.

    Love   Passion   Perfect  
    Thomas Mann (1995). “The magic mountain: a novel”, Random House, Inc.
  • The inquirer after holiness should associate with those whose intelligence will instruct him; whose example will guide him; whose conversation will inspire him; whose cautions will warn him.

    "Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers". Book by Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, p. 314, 1895.
  • The development of a kind heart, or feeling of closeness for all human beings, does not involve any of the kind of religiosity we normally associate with it...It is for everyone, irrespective of race, religion or any political affiliation.

    Heart   Race   Political  
  • I know no other way to associate with great tasks than as play: as a sign of greatness, this is an essential presupposition.

    Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1989). “On the Genealogy of Morals”, Vintage
  • All writers of the Chaldaean period associate monotheism in the closest way with unity of worship.

    Unity   Way   Worship  
    Julius Wellhausen (2013). “Prolegomena to the History of Israel: With a Reprint of the Article 'Israel' from the Encyclopaedia Britannica”, p.27, Cambridge University Press
  • To associate with other like-minded people in small, purposeful groups is for the great majority of men and women a source of profound psychological satisfaction. Exclusiveness will add to the pleasure of being several, but at one; and secrecy will intensify it almost to ecstasy.

    Men   People   Profound  
    Aldous Huxley (2000). “Complete Essays: 1930-1935”, Ivan R Dee
  • Business associates? Ouch. That’s worse than friends

    Julie James (2008). “Just the Sexiest Man Alive”, p.161, Penguin
  • Freedom of religion, as the Founding Fathers saw it, was not just the right to associate oneself with a certain denomination but the right to disassociate without penalty. Belief or nonbelief was a matter of individual choice - a right underwritten in the basic charter of the nation's liberties.

  • The key to success is to get out into the store and listen to what the associates have to say. It's terribly important for everyone to get involved. Our best ideas come from clerks and stockboys.

  • Whosoever formeth an intimacy with the enemies of his friends, does so to injure the latter. O wise man! wash your hands of that friend who associates with your enemies.

    Wise   Men   Hands  
  • The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above the urinal.

    Wall   Writing   Editors  
    Ernest Hemingway (2008). “The Good Life According to Hemingway”, Ecco
  • From the simple stringing together of lemon garlands for the goddess Durga, to dividing the prasadam or blessed foods for the children first, I came to associate food not only with feminity, but also with purity and divinity.

    "A model who eats? She wrote the book" by Rachel Cooke, August 8, 2004.
  • Some people see teachers and they associate the feelings of the other students who are present with the teacher. They psychically connect with all those hundreds of minds and they don't key to the teacher at all.

    Teacher   Keys   People  
  • I'm very proud of being a woman, and as a woman, I don't even like the word feminism because when I hear that word, I associate it with women trying to pretend to be men, and I'm not interested in trying to pretend to be a man. I don't want to embrace manhood, I want to embrace my womanhood.

    Men   Feminism   Trying  
    "Evangeline Lilly Is ‘Not Interested In Trying To Pretend To Be A Man’". Interview with Leigh Blickley, December 9, 2014.
  • The books for young people say a great deal about the selection of Friends; it is because they really have nothing to say about Friends. They mean associates and confidants merely.

    Friends   Book   Mean  
    Henry David Thoreau (2012). “The Portable Thoreau”, p.112, Penguin
  • Associate with well-mannered persons and your manners will improve. Run around with decent folk and your own decent instincts will be strengthened.

  • I wanted to make sure the focus [in The Land] was on human beings themselves and their decisions, but still connected to the urban environment that people associate as being black. I think I was able to make a film without commenting on "black this or black that" and you still feel the presence of it. There's no one character who's saying "we're all black and we're all in this struggle." It's that you just feel it. Some of that is because we get the sense from a lot of independent films that black people struggle all the time.

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