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  • I think, you know, for someone who does play, let's say, old music or, you know, Baroque music or Renaissance music - and you know, and I do play a lot of that, obviously - engaging with new composers, engaging with young composers, is really exciting because it makes me look at people of the past in a very different way that they are also living, that there was a lot of subjectivity in the decisions that they were making.

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    "How To Annoy Your Dad: Play The Harpsichord". "All Things Considered" with Robert Siegel, December 29, 2015.
  • I still the love classic period, but also the baroque period, and even 17th-Century music such as the music of Monteverdi. He's one of the greatest opera composers. He was the one who really started the opera.

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  • Jazz, for me, is a closed circuit, like the term baroque in the world of classical music.

    "London jazz festival 2012: Where has Jan Garbarek gone? I miss him" by John Lewis, November 14, 2012.
  • I listen to music when I write. I need the musical background. Classical music. I'm behind the times. I'm still with Baroque music, Gregorian chant, the requiems, and with the quartets of Beethoven and Brahms. That is what I need for the climate, for the surroundings, for the landscape: the music.

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  • I think in Baroque music, especially in the case of Bach, what really transformed Bach's musical language, what changed it for him was hearing Vivaldi, hearing the sort of manipulation of small cells of information and patterns in order to generate sort of huge blocks of harmony.

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    "How To Annoy Your Dad: Play The Harpsichord". "All Things Considered" with Robert Siegel, December 29, 2015.
  • My thesis statement would be—Bach didn't write Baroque music. He wrote great music.

  • Music always stimulates my imagination. When I'm writing I usually have some Baroque music on low in the background chamber music by Bach, Telemann, and the like.

  • Has it struck you that the music which is regarded as the most sublime in western civilization, which is the music of Bach, is called baroque?

  • Classical, Romantic, and Baroque music, that's what I really like.

  • I think Ive learned more about Baroque music than any other genre.

    "Drama Queens : A Conversation With Mezzo-Soprano Joyce DiDonato". Interview with Sean Martinfield, November 19, 2012.
  • Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over.

    Ernest Hemingway (2002). “Death in the Afternoon”, p.153, Simon and Schuster
  • I've always been heavily influenced by classical music, mostly by baroque music.

  • My father was a classical singer of baroque music, and my older sister was in musical theatre, and I thought about doing the same thing but then realised straight acting was for me.

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  • What is at the higher levels of meaning consciousness is like a hyperspace in which each point is equidistant from the other and where 'the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere'? The mythologies of the occult seem like baroque music: there is an overall similar quality of sound and movement, but, upon examination, each piece of music is unique; Vivaldi and Scarlatti are similar and different.

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    William Irwin Thompson (1990). “At the Edge of History”, SteinerBooks
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