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  • My best artist friend is definitely Jason Aldean. He and I really get along great and are really great friends. It's fun to tour with a buddy and somebody that I just enjoy hanging out with. If we weren't touring together, we'd be hunting in the off-season still and knocking around doing stuff, certainly.

    Fun   Artist   Hunting  
    "Luke Bryan Reveals His Memorable Spring Breaks, Best Buds and a Celebrity Apprentice Freakout". Interview with Michael Bialas, March 7, 2012.
  • I always try to go where the excitement is, where the best music is. I dont care what kind of music it is. I go with the best artist we can find.

  • Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.

    Games   People   Age  
    "Andy Serkis on Enslaved and acting in video games". Interview with Jack Arnott, November 8, 2010.
  • I'm a really optimistic, positive person, but I've been heartbroken on a social and political level, heartbroken on a personal level and anywhere in between. I think heartbreak is one of the best artist's catalysts for creation. That doesn't mean one should look for heartbreak; I don't agree with that. At a certain point you can use heartbreaks from other people's stories, your own life or before. You don't have to dwell on heartbreak.

  • Artists paint pictures. The best artists paint pictures for children's books.

    Children   Book   Artist  
  • To me, paintings are about beauty. They are very feminine, and beauty is something very feminine. For a long time, people would talk with me about identity. I don't have issues with identity, I just follow this kind of feminine beauty because I became a victim of my art, which I think is the best thing for an artist. So many artists use their talent, but with the best artists, their talent uses them.

    Art   Thinking   Long  
  • The greater the artist, the greater the doubt.

  • The best artists are gone now.

  • The best artists are the ones that work the hardest, and if you work hard enough, you'll eventually experience the happy accidents that are art.

  • If the goal is to get the best artists, actors, and filmmakers in the world to create the best movies, Hollywood does a decent job. And I think no one would disagree with me that it also makes a ton of bad movies and employs a bunch of hacks.

    Jobs   Artist   Thinking  
  • Dude, okay, so you're gay. You may consider that to be different, but you're not different. You have two jobs. You have to go out there and be the best artist that you can be. You've got to go out there and be the best songwriter that you can be. You simply have to be great at what you do and then your dreams will fall into place. Who you are is just a part of that dream, a part of your story.

    Dream   Fall   Gay  
    "Hotter Than Ever: An interview with Ty Herndon". Interview with Gregg Shapiro, November 1, 2016.
  • I think in a way the great irony or paradox about America is that it makes it so hard for the sensitive person, the artist, the impressionable person, the person whose raison d'etre is to incarnate the creative will, rather than to just make money, and yet that extreme difficulty that the culture poses for us has created some of the best artists in the last hundred years.

  • The goal is just to try to get better and better, and the only way that makes sense to do that is to work with the best people. Surround yourself with the best artists and learn from them, and try to sink your teeth into the best material possible.

    Artist   People   Goal  
  • When I'm working, on stage, entertaining people, or watching someone do something amazing, it inspires me to be the best artist that I can be. I enjoy being around art - whether it be a museum, a Broadway show - or even writing a poem. Those are things that make me feel alive and inspire me.

    Art   Writing   Museums  
    "Naturi Naughton Interview with Maranda Pleasant". Interview with Maranda Pleasant,
  • The best artists transcend nationality and identity.

  • The best artist has that thought alone Which is contained within the marble shell; The sculptor's hand can only break the spell To free the figures slumbering in the stone.

  • All 48 of my fights have been hard. None have been easy. All played a major key. It's the 'Mayweather Era.' I feel that every fighter is an artist and they all take pictures their own way. I'm just one of the very best artists.

    Fighting   Artist   Keys  
  • The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.

    Life   Beautiful   Art  
    Elizabeth Cowling, Pablo Picasso (2002). “Picasso: style and meaning”, Phaidon Press
  • People want to be successful, and they want to be acknowledged for what they do. Sometimes they make really great art and aren't. Historically, the best artists weren't. But their work survived.

    Art   Successful   People  
  • Do I belong in the conversation about the best artists in the world? My answer is yes, I do.

    Artist   Answers   World  
    "Billy Corgan Loves Jessica Simpson, Has High Self Regard". May 5, 2010.
  • Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

    Scott Adams (2007). “Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Explains Cloning, Blouse Monsters, Voting Machines, Romance, Monkey G ods, How to Avoid Being Mistaken for a Rodent, and More”, p.438, Penguin
  • What do great artists do when you see a world around you that's in turmoil? Some of the best artists make you feel good (hah), they look to the future.

  • Both of my parents were cartoonists - they met in art school - so I was always drawing and I was the best artist in my class and all that stuff.

    Art   School   Class  
  • I want to sell out arenas and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world.

    Artist   Arena   Albums  
    "One Direction: Everything You Need To Know From A To Zayn" By Kiki Von Glinow, March 21, 2012.
  • I went to an art high school in Washington D.C., and I majored in visual art. When I started there, I was horrible - couldn't draw, couldn't sketch, couldn't do anything. I remember at one point I came to terms with the fact that I had to work my ass off to do well and that's exactly what I did. I drew and drew and drew, and it worked - I ended up getting the award for best artist and went on to apply to design school because I loved it so much. I think it really speaks to the idea that you can in fact excel at whatever you put your mind and your heart to.

    Art   School   Thinking  
  • The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

  • The best artists know what to leave out. They know how much of the support should show through as the pigment is applied, what details aren't necessary.

    "The Ivory and the Horn". Book by Charles de Lint, "Dream Harder, Dream True", p. 293, 1996.
  • The best artists are people who don't consider themselves artists, and the people who do are usually the most pretentious and annoying. They've got their priorities wrong. They're just doing it to be artists rather than because they want to do it.

    Interview with Philip Sherburne,
  • Artists look at the environment, and the best artists correctly diagnose the problem. I'm not saying artists can't be leaders, but that's not the job of art, to lead. Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte - there are artists all through history who have become leaders, but that was already in them, nothing to do with their art.

    Art   Jobs   Leader  
  • Good artists copy, great artists steal.

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