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  • A big business man was telling Henry Ford about a coach driver of super-expertness with his whip. The driver was telling how he could flick a fly off his horse's ear with his whip-and, a fly alighting just then, he promptly did so. Next he spied a grasshopper beside the road, and he flicked it off with equal dexterity. A little further along the road the passenger noticed an insect on a bush, and nudged the driver to get him. Not on your life, replied the master of the whip. That there insect is a hornet sitting on his nest with an organization behind him. I leave him alone.

    Horse   Business   Men  
  • If Roman Abramovich helped me out in training we would be bottom of the league and if I had to work in his world of big business, we would be bankrupt!

  • I was taught by professors who had done their schooling in the 1930s. Most of them were scornful of, even hated, big business.

  • The Americans, who are the most efficient people on the earth, have carried [phrase-making] to such a height of perfection and have invented so wide a range of pithy and hackneyed phrases that they can carry on an amusing and animated conversation without giving a moment’s reflection to what they are saying and so leave their minds free to consider the more important matters of big business and fornication.

  • Big Business can make laws as easily as it can break them - and with as little impunity.

    Law   Littles   Break  
    Ralph Chaplin, Ben Hur Lampman, Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. Dept. of Research and Education (1971). “The Centralia case: three views of the Armistice Day tragedy at Centralia, Washington, Novemeber 11, 1919: The Centralia conspiracy”, Da Capo Pr
  • Today it is not big business that we have to fear. It is big government.

    Government   Today   Bigs  
  • The biggest big business in America is not steel, automobiles, or television. It is the manufacture, refinement and distribution of anxiety.

    America   Anxiety   Steel  
    Eric Sevareid (1964). “This is Eric Sevareid”
  • The crush of lobbyists on Washington and purchase of the media by corporations has created a big business-run government and a worthless press leaving Americans screwed and ill-informed.

    "What the Hell is Going On?" by Adam McKay, June 12, 2009.
  • I have found, whether you have a tiny business or a big business, if you don't jump on something right away, it's like a bird flying by-it flies off.

    Bird   Flying   Tiny  
    FaceBook post by Barbara Corcoran from Mar 27, 2014
  • Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.

  • My father loved to complain about big business and big government, but we had a solid middle class upbringing. We had good public schools. We had accessible health care. We had our little, you know, one-family house that, you know, he saved up his money, didn't believe in mortgages.

    Father   Believe   School  
  • Big businesses aren't the only ones in the economic ecosystem. Nobody should fall behind because of an unfair structure.

  • When I ran, people know I have a very big business. So I mean they elected me I guess partially for that reason.

    Mean   People   Reason  
  • Every lawyer, no matter whom they represent, is trying to help someone, whether it's a person, a corporation, a government entity, or a small or big business. To me, lawyering is the height of service - and being involved in this profession is a gift.

    Trying   Helping   Lawyer  
  • No one doing big business can avoid some contact with government agencies, regulators, and policy makers.

  • The rebellious mood of the country during those [60th] years allowed me to plug right back into my old hatreds. I could scream and holler, as I did on the albums, against religion, government, big business - all those assholes and their values. That hatred was very real.

  • A big business never becomes big by being a narrow society looking after only the interests of its organization and stockholders.

  • There is plenty of work to do, but big business isn't investing in rebuilding a green economy for the 21st century. Instead, they put their money into a gigantic financial casino, and when that led to catastrophe in 2008-9, they made us pay for it.

  • The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance.

  • A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

    Life   Success   Business  
    Richard Branson (1999). “Losing my virginity: how I've survived, had fun, and made a fortune doing business my way”, Crown Business
  • I feel very strongly that you can't just beat people up anymore; you have to work hand in hand and find ways to compromise, and get big business involved, because it won't happen otherwise.

    Hands   People   Way  
  • Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.

    "OpenGL Shading Language". Book by Randi J. Rost, 2006.
  • One would think that the record of already existing regulatory agencies is sufficiently eloquent in showing that it is Big Business that does the regulating rather than vice versa .

    Thinking   Agency   Vices  
    Paul A. Baran (1968). “Political Econ of Growth”, p.14, NYU Press
  • It is solely bigness in business which makes it possible to supply the masses with all those products the present-day American common man does not want to do without. Luxury goods for the few can be produced in small shops. Luxury goods for the many require big business.

    Men   Luxury   Doe  
    Ludwig von Mises (2016). “An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution: The Economist”, p.105, VM eBooks
  • I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.

    FaceBook post by Donald J. Trump from Nov 21, 2016
  • The Internet is the Viagra of big business.

    "101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists: Insider Secrets from Top Writers". Book by Andrew McAleer, September 1, 2008.
  • The more big business talks about something, the less of it there is. For example, it 'values' jobs just at the moment when they disappear; it revels in 'autonomy' when in fact you have to fill out forms in triplicate for the slightest trifle and ask the advice of six people to make insignificant decisions; it harps on 'ethics' while believing in absolutely nothing.

    Jobs   Business   Believe  
    Corinne Maier (2007). “Bonjour Laziness: Why Hard Work Doesn't Pay”, p.9, Vintage
  • You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough.

  • When the representatives of "Big Business" think of the people, they do not include themselves.

    Thinking   People   Bigs  
  • A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

    "Mansfield News Journal" Newspaper, August 3, 1965.
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