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  • 90% of the mass in your body comes from empty space.

    Space   Religion   Body  
  • The practice of yogasana for the sake of health, to keep fit, or to maintain flexibility is the external practice of yoga. While this is a legitimate place to begin, it is not the end. Even in simple asanas, one is experiencing the three levels of quest: the external quest, which brings firmness of the body; the internal quest, which brings steadiness of intelligence; and the innermost quest, which brings benevolence of spirit.

    Yoga   Simple   Practice  
    "Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom".
  • I played a lot of sports and it's the plays in basketball that weren't worked out that are the ones that are just fantastic that you remember. We don't know the power that's within our own bodies.

  • ... if your heart and your honest body can be controlled by the state, or controlled by community taboo, are you not then, and in that case, no more than a slave ruled by outside force? What tyranny could exceed a tyranny that dictates to the human heart, and that attempts to dictate the public career of an honest human body?

    June Jordan (2009). “Some of Us Did Not Die: New and Selected Essays”, p.92, Basic Books
  • Some say they are not bound by the doctrine which teaches that the Mystical Body of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church are one and the same thing. Some reduce to a meaningless formula the necessity of belonging to the true Church in order to gain eternal salvation. Others finally belittle the reasonable character of the credibility of Christian Faith. These and like errors, it is clear, have crept in among certain of our sons who are deceived by imprudent zeal for souls or by false science.

  • The great interests of man: air and light, the joy of having a body, the voluptuousness of looking.

    Men   Light   Air  
  • No matter how much talent you have in your mind and spirit, if your body is not able to function, you are not able to fulfill your destiny.

    Destiny   Mind   Body  
  • You can't just build a huge chest and arms. You need to work out your body evenly. Otherwise, A, you'll look weird, and B, it's not the best for your body.

    Work Out   Needs   Looks  
  • I am okay that has changed and I have some more wrinkles and my body is changing.

    Wrinkles   Body   Changed  
  • Then I placed the blade next to the skin on my palm. A tingle arched across my scalp. The floor tipped up at me and my body spilled away. Then I was on the ceiling looking down, waiting to see what would happen next.

  • The way I pictured it, all this grief would be like a winter night when you're standing outside. You'll warm up once you get used to the cold. Except after you've been out there for awhile, you feel the warmth draining out of you and you realize the opposite is happening; you're getting colder and colder, as the body heat you brought outside with you seeps out of your skin. Instead of getting used to it, you get weaker the longer you endure it.

    Grief   Winter   Night  
  • Helmut Lang does a lot of very military-influenced things. You have to find the designer that suits your body the best, and he works for me.

    Military   Doe   Body  
  • An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.

  • The E.U. is the world's fastest growing democratic body.

    Hymns   World   Growing  
  • Futurism is almost like a vaccination. You inject a little bit of a denatured pathogen to prepare your body in case you encounter it for real.

    Real   Encounters   Body  
  • Sensuality not only debases both body and mind, but dulls the keen edge of pleasure.

    Mind   Body   Pleasure  
  • Throughout my work, my subjects are being told that they must change their diet in order to make the adjustment into the new world. Our bodies must become lighter, and this means the elimination of heavy foods. During the sessions, my clients are repeatedly warned to stop eating meat (beef and pork especially), mainly because of the additives and chemicals that are being fed into the animals.

    Mean   Animal   Order  
  • The pain caused by this wound which He inflicts on me and the sweetness which accompanies it are so intense that I cannot even begin to describe it. However. . . this pain and this sweetness are completely spiritual, although it is also true that they are shared by the body to a high degree.

  • The body's a mirror of heaven: Its energies make angels jealous. Our purity astounds seraphim. Devils shiver at our nerve.

    Jealous   Angel   Mirrors  
  • A human body is a conversation going on, both within the cells and between the cells, and they're telling each other to grow and to die; when you're sick, something's gone wrong with that conversation.

    Health   Cells   Sick  
  • The Prophet introduced a system of prayer in that it was interwoven into man's daily work: a prayer in the morning when he arose from his bed; a prayer at lunch time, as an indication that if his body needed a diet, so did his spirit; a prayer in the afternoon when he retired from his daily work; a prayer at sunset and a prayer when going to bed.

    Morning   Prayer   Sunset  
  • For as to the strength of body, the weakest has strength enough to kill the strongest, either by secret machination or by confederacy with others that are in the same danger with himself

    Secret   Body   Enough  
    Thomas Hobbes (1750). “The Moral and Political Works To which is Prefixed the Autors Life, Extracted from that Said to be Written by Himself ... Illustr. by the Ed. - London 1750”, p.148
  • Good.” He straddled her, caging her with his body. “Were it up to me, all of London would know what we do here. -Griffin to Hero.

    Hero   Body   London  
  • Because I was a dancer when I was a kid, I have so much empathy for these young girls who are so drawn to something lovely in music and in movement, and yet they encounter a world full of judgment and criticism of 11-year-old artists and bodies.

    Girl   Kids   Artist  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • You've got muscles and you use them everywhere else in your body when you want it. Why not your face?

    Why Not   Use   Body  
  • The medium of poetry is a human body: the column of air inside the chest, shaped into signifying sounds in the larynx and the mouth. In this sense, poetry is just as physical or bodily an art as dancing.

    Art   Air   Dancing  
    Robert Pinsky (2014). “The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide”, p.8, Macmillan
  • We may treat of the Soul as in the body - whether it be set above it or actually within it - since the association of the two constitutes the one thing called the living organism, the Animate.Now from this relation, from the Soul using the body as an instrument, it does not follow that the Soul must share the body's experiences: a man does not himself feel all the experiences of the tools with which he is working.

    Men   Two   Soul  
    Plotinus (2015). “Delphi Complete Works of Plotinus - Complete Enneads (Illustrated)”, p.16, Delphi Classics
  • Look, I'm just this kid from Toronto who got his start in school plays. I still live with my folks who make me mow the grass and take the garbage out. Then one day, I'm on this multimillion dollar set surrounded by R2D2 and C3PO. Every nuance was surreal. The saber. A thrill. The outfit and cloak? Mind-boggling. Meeting R2D2. An out-of-body experience.

    School   Kids   Play  
  • I submit my tongue as an instrument of righteousness when I make it bless them that curse me and pray for them who persecute me, even though it "automatically" tends to strike and wound those who have wounded me. I submit my legs to God as instruments of righteousness when I engage them in physical labor as service, perhaps carrying a burden the "second mile" for someone whom I would rather let my legs kick. I submit my body to righteousness when I do my good deeds without letting them be known, though my whole frame cries out to strut and crow.

    Crow   Body   Legs  
  • We are all students of the world; frail embodied consciousnesses struggling to understand, and be a meaningful part of this great, mysterious gift of life.

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