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  • A year ago, I turned the final page of The Book of the Dead. I don't feel young any more.

    Book   Years   Finals  
    Garth Nix (2014). “Sabriel”, p.27, Hot Key Books
  • With the use of psychedelics, it was all based around the Tibetan Book of the Dead, using them to experience enlightenment.

  • The Hawley Book of the Dead had me completely spellbound from beginning to end. A storytelling virtuosa, Chrysler Szarlan has woven a wondrous, scintillating web of suspense, love, history, and magic that will keep you eagerly turning the pages late into the night. Even readers not normally drawn to the supernatural will be swept away by this book; it has everything a great adventure should have-and so much more.

    Book   Adventure   Night  
  • My personal telephone book is a book of the dead now. I'm so old. Almost all of my friends have died, and I don't have the guts to take their names out of the book.

    Book   Names   Telephones  
    Ray Bradbury, Sam Weller (2012). “Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews”, p.97, Melville House
  • Most people call it The Book of the Dead,” he told me. “Rich Egyptians were always buried with a copy, so they could have directions through the Duat to the Land of the Dead. It’s like an Idiot’s Guide to the Afterlife.

    Book   Land   Afterlife  
    Rick Riordan (2010). “The Kane Chronicles, The, Book One: Red Pyramid”, Hyperion
  • It must be that people who read go on more macrocosmic and microcosmic trips – biblical god trips, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Ulysses, Finnegan’s Wake trips. Non-readers, what do they get? (They get the munchies.)

    Book   Biblical   People  
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