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  • there are camels which have the quality which in humans is called the revolutionary spirit, and the caravan leader fears to keep one of these in his ranks, because its instinct is always toward revolt against authority. One such camel will sometimes break up the discipline of a whole train, for, owing to the mass mentality of the herd, even peaceful beasts are suddenly infected with the spirit of revolt and in a few minutes the whole caravan is in utter disorder.

  • In recent weeks it has come to my attention that many caravans have met with disaster; they have not gotten through." I grunted wisely. "Probably ran out of water. That's the thing about deserts. Dry." "Indeed. A fascinating analysis. But survivors reaching Hebron report differently: monsters fell upon them in the wastes." "What, fell upon them in a squashed-them kind of way?" "More the leaped-out-and-slew-them kind. (...)

  • Oh, I wish I lived in a caravan!’ said Jimmy longingly. ‘How lovely it must be to live in a house that has wheels and can go away down the lanes and through the towns, and stand still in fields at night!

    Night   House   Lovely  
    "Mr. Galliano's Circus". Book by Enid Blyton, 1938.
  • Just like a caravan of camels walking in the desert, be durable against the adversities of life and walk with decisive steps.

    Life   Adversity   Camels  
  • A great man is a gift, in some measure a revelation of God. A great man, living for high ends, is the divinest thing that can be seen on earth. The value and interest of history are derived chiefly from the lives and services of the eminent men whom it commemorates. Indeed, without these, there would be no such thing as history, and the progress of a nation would be little worth recording, as the march of a trading caravan across a desert.

    Boston (Mass.), George Stillman Hillard (1853). “A Memorial of Daniel Webster: From the City of Boston”, p.235, Boston : Little, Brown
  • Time, you old gipsy man, Will you not stay, Put up your caravan Just for one day?

    Time   Men   One Day  
    Poems (1917) "Time, You Old Gipsy Man"
  • My heart can be pasture for deer and a convent for monks, a temple for idols and a Kaaba for the pilgrims. It is both the tables of the Torah and the Koran. It professes the religion of Love wherever its caravans are heading. Love is my law. Love is my faith.

    Heart   Love Is   Idols  
  • My creed is LOVE; Wherever its caravan turns along the way, That is my belief, My faith.

    Gazelles   Way   Belief  
  • Hitoshi: I'll never be able to be here again. As the minutes slide by, I move on. The flow of time is something I cannot stop. I haven't a choice. I go. One caravan has stopped, another starts up. There are people I've yet to meet, others I'll never see again. People who are gone before you know it, people who are just passing through. Even as we exchange hellos, they seem to grow transparent. I must keep living with the flowing river before my eyes. I earnestly pray that a trace of my girl-child self will always be with you. For waving good-bye, I thank you.

    Girl   Children   Moving  
    Banana Yoshimoto, Megan Backus (1979). “Three Plays”, p.150, Grove Press
  • What does it matter if a few barking dogs snap at the heels of the weary travelers? ... The caravan moves on

  • Bowman turned his back on her and began to search the place methodically and exhaustively. When one searches any place, be it a gypsy caravan or a baronial mansion, methodically and exhaustively, one has to wreck it completely in the process.So, in a orderly and systematic fashion, Bowman set about reducing Czerda's caravan to a total ruin.

    Alistair MacLean (1974). “Caravan to Vaccarès”
  • Was there happiness at the end [of the movie], they wanted to know. If someone were to ask me today whether the story of Hassan, Sohrab, and me ends with happiness, I wouldn't know what to say. Does anybody's? After all, life is not a Hindi movie. Zendagi migzara, Afghans like to say: Life goes on, undmindful of beginning, en, kamyab, nah-kam, crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis.

    Moving   Catharsis   Doe  
    Khaled Hosseini (2010). “The Complete Khaled Hosseini: Digital box set”, p.162, A&C Black
  • Every age has its dreams, its symbols of romance. Past generations were moved by the graceful power of the great windjammers, by the distant whistle of locomotives pounding through the night, by the caravans leaving on the Golden Road to Samarkand, by quinqueremes of Nineveh from distant Ophir . . . Our grandchildren will likewise have their inspiration-among the equatorial stars. They will be able to look up at the night sky and watch the stately procession of the Ports of Earth-the strange new harbors where the ships of space make their planetfalls and their departures.

    Arthur C. Clarke (1968). “the Promise of Space”
  • There are truckloads of broccoli at this very minute descending on Washington. My family is divided. For the broccoli vote out there: Barbara loves broccoli. She has tried to make me eat it. She eats it all the time herself. So she can go out and meet the caravan of broccoli that's coming in.

    George H.W. Bush (2009). “Speaking of Freedom: The Collected Speeches”, p.113, Simon and Schuster
  • I've always been scared of advertising folk. I've met them at parties and I've been to their offices and I've always found them intimidatingly cool. At one company I visited, they held their meetings in a caravan that had somehow been installed in the place, a rather more exotic place to gather than the typical BBC glass box.

    Party   Glasses   Office  
  • The mercy caravans are through there the medicine refugees flowing out. It makes the United States look very bad here. And much more like an occupation force than it did before.

  • Many things that human words have upset are set at rest again by the silence of animals. Animals move through the world like a caravan of silence. A whole world, that of nature and that of animals, is filled with silence. Nature and animals seem like protuberances of silence. The silence of animals and the silence of nature would not be so great and noble if it were merely a failure of language to materialize. Silence has been entrusted to the animals and to nature as something created for its own sake.

    Moving   Animal   Silence  
  • The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on

    Dog   Moving   May  
  • The Indian who fells the tree that he may gather the fruit, and the Arab who plunders the caravans of commerce are actuated by the same impulse of savage nature, and relinquish for momentary rapine the long and secure possession of the most important blessings.

    Blessing   Long   Tree  
    Edward Gibbon, H. H. Milman (1856). “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, p.425
  • My father is a gypsy. He traveled in caravans and was branded by the Ku Klux Klan. You know I have a history about race in my family that has very much to do with the other things that you name about poverty, about class, about access - or lack of it.

    Father   Race   Class  
  • A Moment's Halt-a momentary taste Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste- And, Lo! the phantom Caravan has reach'd The NOTHING it set out from. Oh, make haste!

    Life   Taste   Waste  
    Omar Khayyam, Edward FitzGerald, Christopher Decker (1997). “Edward FitzGerald, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: A Critical Edition”, p.167, University of Virginia Press
  • I dare not drink before a gig because I'll get tired and blow it. So I have to sit drinking tea in a caravan.

    Drinking   Tired   Blow  
  • The world is not a courtroom There is no judge no jury no plaintiff. This is a caravan filled with eccentric beings telling wondrous stories about God.

    Judging   Stories   World  
  • Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end…crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis (nomads).

  • In the drowsy dark cave of the mind dreams build their nest with fragments dropped from day's caravan.

    Dream   Dark   Mind  
  • Southward, two mighty ranges of the Appalachians shouldered their way into the blue distance like tremendous caravans marching across eternity.

    Distance   Book   Blue  
  • The Stars are setting and the Caravan Starts for the Dawn of Nothing-Oh, make haste!

    Stars   Nihilism   Dawn  
    Omar Khayyam, Edward FitzGerald, Christopher Decker (1997). “Edward FitzGerald, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: A Critical Edition”, p.167, University of Virginia Press
  • No matter how many detours and adjustments it made, the caravan moved toward the same compass point. Once obstacles were overcome, it returned to its course, sighting on a star that indicated the location of the oasis.

    Paulo Coelho (1998). “The Alchemist - 10th Anniversary Edition”, HarperSanFrancisco
  • I've lived in many things - boats, caravans, and buses. I've been homeless, I've had no money: everything. But I believe in magic, and having a vision. The tough times made me a warrior. I work hard.

    "Know Now: Neon Hitch". Interview with Catherine Straut, April 16, 2012.
  • You realize true magic of cinema when you put the right people together, at the right time, with the right kind of project, where they're not worried about their salary, they're not worried about their caravan.

    People   Magic   Together  
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