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  • I quite liked Sharkey and George and then there was a cartoon with rapper MC Hammer in it - Hammertime - I loved that cartoon, it was genius! They don't make cartoons like that anymore.

    Life   Rapper   Cartoon  
  • Not all cartoon humor is just about having bugged-out eyes and tongues flying out of people's heads.

    Eye   People   Flying  
    "Collected Interviews: Voices from Twentieth-century Cinema". Book by Wheeler W. Dixon, 2001.
  • And all the things I thought were mistakes and I did cartoons on them. And then I think I was the first cartoonist in the country to attack the war in Viet Nam and that helped influence a whole generation of young cartoonists who later on took up the battle. And that was exciting to know that I had helped influence work of young people who were moving this forum into a better and more exciting area, out of the more by the state that political cartooning had been in.

    Country   War   Mistake  
  • Sometimes I wish I could just wear the same thing every day. Cartoons do it. It’d make things a lot easier

  • What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?

    "Fictional character: Mr. Krabs". TV Series "SpongeBob SquarePants" ("Dying for Pie/Imitation Krabs", 2000), 1999-.
  • 'The Simpsons' was about children and married parents; 'Futurama' is about people in between; they're growing up and haven't settled down. Every other cartoon show seemed to be, you know, dumb dad, bratty kids.

  • I am like a cartoon strip; I am like Donald Duck; everybody knows me in Italy.

    "Does this man really think the Holocaust was a big joke?". January 29, 1999.
  • Okay, let's talk about cartoon labels for half a second - some people think anything with a dog or a car or a colorful alien is garbage, which is not true. Look at Big Moose Red. It's, like, a $6 wine with a cheesy label, and it's actually a solid wine.

    Dog   Wine   Thinking  
  • The new Disney cartoon 'Bambi' is interesting because it's the first one that's been entirely unpleasant.

    Manny Farber (2016). “Farber on Film: The Complete Film Writings of Manny Faber: A Special Publication of The Library of America”, p.79, Library of America
  • Beanie and Cecil was the first cartoon I remember watching and I think there are analogies.

  • There have been huge Muslim demonstrations against cartoons depicting Muhammad and any other perceived insult against Islam. But I am unaware of a single demonstration of Muslims against Muslim terror directed at non-Muslims.

    Islam   Cartoon   Insult  
    FaceBook post by Dennis Prager from Sep 24, 2013
  • ... the hardest studio music to play is Tom & Jerry - cartoons. The music makes absolutely no sense, as music. You can't get into hearing it. There's nothing to hear-'bleep!, blop! scratch!' and it comes fast; everything's first take. That'll change the way you look at life.

    Music   Play   Cartoon  
  • First of all, you look at Rocky films now, and if that isn't a cartoon series there isn't any cartoon series. I mean there's no way anybody is going to take that amount of punishment in fifteen rounds.

  • I just really love the cartoon form. I love the plasticity of it.

  • The fascinating thing about the studio was that there was no story department. They would put a little notice up on the bulletin board saying: 'The next Oswald will take place at the North Pole. Anybody having any gags, please turn them in before such a date.' If you turned in gags regularly, the way Tex Avery, Cal Howard, Jack Carr and two or three others of us did, you'd be called into the gag meeting. The group would go into Walt's office and talk about whatever the subject of the cartoon was. Walt would put it into some kind of form and that was the story--no scripts, no storyboards.

    Two   Office   Cartoon  
  • I knew I wanted to be some kind of artist from about 12. I met a neighbour who drew cartoons, and I had an idea I wanted to be a cartoonist - or something that involved Indian ink, at any rate.

    Artist   Ideas   Cartoon  
    "Ed Ruscha: 'There's room for saying things in bright shiny colours'" by Rachel Cooke, September 11, 2010.
  • One was a Cartoon Artist with a heart like chiffon and a wit as accidentally malicious as the jab of a pin in a flirt's belt.

    Heart   Artist   Flirting  
    Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (2012). “The Sick-a-Bed Lady: And Other Tales”, p.42, The Floating Press
  • Anorexia is a response to cultural images of the female body - waiflike, angular - that both capitulates to the ideal and also mocks it, strips away all the ancillary signs of sexuality, strips away breasts and hips and butt and leaves in their place a garish caricature, a cruel cartoon of flesh and bone.

  • Betcha I wet cha like hurricanes and typhoons, got buffoons eating my pussy while I watch cartoons.

    Art   Media   Pussy  
  • Political satire is a serious thing. In democratic newspapers throughout the world there are daily cartoons that often are not even funny, as is the case especially in many English-language newspapers. Instead, they contain a political message, and the artist takes full responsibility.

    "Don't smile when you say that" by Umberto Eco, June 21, 2002.
  • Although I'm certainly glad cartoons are finally getting some respect as an art, I'm fairly ambivalent to see cartooning as a legitimate academic offering. If comics need to be deconstructed and explained, something is really wrong with them.

    Art   Offering   Needs  
  • Cartoons are windows into the human condition.

  • When I was a kid, 'Land of the Lost' was my favorite show, just because it was - in the landscape of Saturday morning cartoons - it was so unique. It was a live-action show and kids were in it, these creatures, these Sleestaks and dinosaurs. Every week was a different adventure. I couldn't wait. I loved it so much.

  • My opinion is that somebody certainly has the right to do cartoons that make fun of somebody else's religion. But to reprint them just to provoke a fight and just to provoke it like thumbing your nose at someone else and going, "What are you gonna do about it?"

    Fun   Fighting   Cartoon  
    Interview with Chris Dahlen, July 17, 2006.
  • Political cartoons are the ass-end of the artform

    Political   Cartoon   Ass  
  • I'm not satirical in a traditional way. What I do is more about creating caricatures and cartoons. I am commentating on the nature of how we live through photography, and how you can twist an angle to create a different perception of a person.

  • A miracle to confound natural law, a baffling reversal of the inevitable consequences . . . a miracle. . . . An act of high imagination -- daring and lurid and impossible. Yes, a cartoon of the mind.

    Tim O'Brien (2009). “Going After Cacciato”, p.242, Broadway Books
  • I dont really watch a lot of TV, but I do watch Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Looney Tunes and old classic cartoons.

  • I realized that people make cartoons for a living. It had never dawned on me that you could do this as a career.

  • I thought some of my earlier cartoons were not exactly great shakes at the time I drew them. Now I see a certain innocence in them. The humor has a kind of purity to it, I guess. And it works better on some level for me now.

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