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  • One can contrive a religious motivation for virtually any choice of action, from commitment to the highest ideals to support for the most horrendous atrocities. In the sacred texts, we can find uplifting calls for peace, justice and mercy, along with the most genocidal passages in the literary canon. Conscience is our guide, whatever trappings we might choose to clothe it in.

    "Noam Chomsky: On Trump and the State of the Union". Interview with George Yancy, July 5, 2017.
  • You have the choice. You can choose joy over despair, happiness over tears, action over apathy, growth over stagnation.

    Choices   Joy   Growth  
  • It is rational to choose the right means to your ends to develop very elegant abstract formal theories of rational choice, and then turn these into what look like moral theories. Philosophers tend to be ravished by the formal beauty of such theories, and they don't pay much attention to the fact that our human limitations make them pretty useless in practice, while the simple point about instrumental reasoning is too shallow to be of much real moral interest.

    Real   Mean   Simple  
  • You don't have to buy from anyone. You don't have to work at any particular job. You don't have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose.

    Jobs   Choices   Decision  
  • Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education... no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both.

    Education   Peace   Money  
    Abraham Flexner (1994). “Universities: American, English, German”, p.302, Transaction Publishers
  • Women today have choices and demand choices, choices to have kids or not and the reproductive technology thereto. And it is a fact [that] most women continue to chose to have children.

  • When I do have choice I try to be very picky about... or shall I say choosey about when I choose. I don't automatically decide that I must be the one to choose or that it's important for me to make every choice in my life.

    Big Think Interview,
  • Perhaps the choice is a negative one, in that I was trying to avoid everything that touched on well-known issues - or any issues at all, whether painterly, social or aesthetic. I tried to find nothing too explicit, hence all the banal subjects; and then, again, I tried to avoid letting the banal turn into my issue and my trademark. So it's all evasive action, in a way.

    Art   Issues   Choices  
    Gerhard Richter, Dietmar Elger, Hans-Ulrich Obrist (2009). “Gerhard Richter: writings 1961-2007”, Distributed Art Pub Inc
  • We know that uncertainty creates anxiety and sometimes desperate attempts to find something to believe in. Uncertainty engenders real opportunity as well as misleading choices, great leaders as well as false messiahs, and new ways of understanding the world alongside hollow maxims and deceptive promises. Understandably, we seek guides and guideposts to ease the anxiety of the journey. But we also need to depend on our own insights and imagination to cultivate, from our own experience, a way to move forward.

  • The government's War on Poverty has transformed poverty from a short-term misfortune into a career choice.

  • The only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love. Not advice, not questions about our choices, not suggestions for the future, just love.

  • I hate it when women fight aging with plastic surgery or fashion choices. There's this arrogant youth worship in our society.

    Fashion   Hate   Fighting  
    "Church's Doctrine". Interview with Andrew Goldman, May 23, 2007.
  • Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice.

    Life   Success   Business  
    FaceBook post by Zig Ziglar from Oct 03, 2014
  • Choices, more choices than we like afterward to believe, are made far backward in the innocence of childhood.

    Loren Eiseley (2016). “The Night Country: A Library of America eBook Classic”, p.17, Library of America
  • My mind immediately shot to South Africa the moment I sat down to think what I was going to write, what I was going to say. There was no other choice.

  • Rock and roll was something to fall back on. If I had my choice, I'd be Jerry Rice and I'd be playing until I was forty-five.

  • Emotion is the surest arbiter of a poetic choice, and it is the priest of all supreme unions in the mind

    Choices   Mind   Unions  
    Max Eastman (1951). “Enjoyment of Poetry with Anthology”
  • My father so appropriately put it that we are certainly the only animal that makes conscious choices that are bad for our survival as a species.

    Father   Animal   Choices  
  • Someone has said it is better to appreciate the things you don't own than to own things you don't appreciate. I hope we will have with us a spirit of appreciation for all of the good things we enjoy, all the blessings that we have, many of which have come so easy to us, with very little effort on our part, and yet they are very real and very choice and are truly rich blessings.

  • Thus even supposedly unadulterated facts of observation already are interfused with all sorts of conceptual pictures, model concepts, theories or whatever expression you choose. The choice is not whether to remain in the field of data or to theorize; the choice is only between models that are more or less abstract, generalized, near or more remote from direct observation, more or less suitable to represent observed phenomena.

  • Dialogue is generally the worst choice for exposition. When you're writing lines you need to focus on the way people actually talk. And when we talk to each other we never actually explain our terms. We don't say 'Sweetheart, would you pass me the sugar bowl, which we picked up for a song at that antique stall in Munich.'

    Song   Writing   People  
  • Solitude is a human presumption. Every quiet step is thunder to beetle life underfoot, a tug of impalpable thread on the web pulling mate to mate and predator to prey, a beginning or an end. Every choice is a world made new for the chosen.

    Barbara Kingsolver (2008). “Prodigal Summer”, p.353, Faber & Faber
  • Most of my choices come about through some kind of intuition or instinct, and if I need to, I'll post-rationalize them, intellectually, afterwards. But generally, they come about just by feeling.

  • Very few people would choose to have even the most fabled assortment of goods if it meant getting cancer within the year. But the choice involves not the certainty of cancer very soon but an increased probability of cancer at some time in the future. The cancers are no less real; millions will die painfully and prematurely because of what we do to our environment. But the choice is not an easily visualizable one, and our capacity of denial comes strongly into play - as it tends to whenever we must weigh future costs against immediate benefits.

    Real   Cancer   Years  
  • When fear makes your choices for you, no security measures on earth will keep the things you dread from finding you. But if you can avoid avoidance - if you can choose to embrace experiences out of passion, enthusiasm, and a readiness to feel whatever arises - then nothing, nothing in all this dangerous world, can keep you from being safe.

  • No one is an unjust villain in his own mind. Even - perhaps even especially those who are the worst of us. Some of the cruelest tyrants in history were motivated by noble ideals, or made choices they would call "hard but necessary" for the good of their nation. We're all the hero of our own story.

    Hero   Tyrants   Choices  
  • There are so many choices I made simply for health insurance. Is it the ideal role I wanted to play, or the TV show I wanted to be a part of? No, but it let me afford to go to the doctor.

    Doctors   Tv Shows   Play  
    "Amy Ryan" with Kyle Ryan, February 21, 2008.
  • Fill your life with service to others. As you lose your life in the service of Father in Heaven’s children, Satan’s temptations lose power in your life. Because your Father in Heaven loves you profoundly, the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes that strength possible. Isn’t it wonderful? Many of you have felt the burden of poor choices, and each of you can feel the elevating power of the Lord’s forgiveness, mercy, and strength.

    Jesus   Children   Father  
  • In an echo of earlier times, the climate change prophets have in recent years tried to silence counter views and suppress dissent. August members of the Royal Society, a body once noted for its cultivation of debate in science, are now leaders of the 'science is settled' camp: the only debate they consider to be legitimate is about choice among the different forms of the centralized action they believe is required to deal with the problems they foresee.

    Believe   Echoes   Views  
  • When I first got to New York, all I did was musicals. After a few years I had to make a conscious choice to close the door on musicals, because I was getting pigeon-holed as a musical theater performer.

    New York   Doors   Years  
    "Biography / Personal Quotes".
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