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  • I'm a storyline. I'm the chosen one for negative stories and controversial things. If I worried about it all, I would go insane.

  • Know that I'm chosen, one of the few/Staying on top - at least, one up on you

  • The NBA's chosen ones think I'm setting a bad example? I think they need to look around and stop taking themselves so seriously.

  • I have three older brothers, and each one of them has chosen one of my parents' education. Two of them are actors, and the third is a doctor as my mother is.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • The Lord loves all people, but He loves those who seek Him even more. To his chosen ones the Lord gives such great grace that for love they forsake the whole earth, the whole world, and their souls burn with desire that all people might be saved and see the glory of the Lord.

  • If I have taken the word, by any reason, it has been because I think it is grave to kill men, under the pretext that they are mistaken on the interpretation of some point, for we know that even the chosen ones are not exempt from sometimes being wrong.

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  • Every fall into love involves the triumph of hope over self-knowledge. We fall in love hoping we won't find in another what we know is in ourselves, all the cowardice, weakness, laziness, dishonesty, compromise, and stupidity. We throw a cordon of love around the chosen one and decide that everything within it will somehow be free of our faults. We locate inside another a perfection that eludes us within ourselves, and through our union with the beloved hope to maintain (against the evidence of all self-knowledge) a precarious faith in our species.

    Alain de Botton (2015). “On Love: A Novel”, p.14, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
  • I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun. There were children crying and colors flying all around the chosen ones.

    Song   Children   Color  
    Song: After The Gold Rush, 1970
  • Devotion means for the total; it is never for Rama, never for Krishna. Of course, Rama and Krishna are implied in the total, but it is never for a chosen one. Love is always for the chosen one, devotion is for the whole. So you cannot be a devotee of Rama. If you are for Rama, you are only a lover; and when you are a lover, then competition is bound to be there. Then Krishna will be a competitor, and Christ will be a competitor, and the same jealousies, the same conflicts, and all the same nonsense will follow. It has followed.

  • You know, when I was 14, a kid from our community said to me: ‘Everyone’s talking about you, Caleb. They say you’re the chosen one.’ That quote always made me so nervous, that I seriously started to think about my future. I changed a lot during that time.

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  • It is the same: a chosen one is a man whom God's finger crushes against the wall.

    Crush   Wall   Men  
    "The Devil and the Good Lord". Book by Jean-Paul Sartre, Act 2, sc. 4, 1951.
  • I know that some filmmakers strive for a kind of naturalistic approach, but you're never going to capture something that's really natural - just the simple fact that you choose to put a frame around something means that you've already chosen one particular thing to put more attention on.

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  • People always overestimate how complex business is. This isn't rocket science. We've chosen one of the world's simplest professions.

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  • You have not chosen one another, but I have chosen you for one another.

  • The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.

    Andrew Carnegie (2015). “The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie”, p.143, Sheba Blake Publishing
  • I have nothing but contempt for you idiotic chosen ones who have the heart to rejoice when there are the damned in Hell and the poor on earth; as for me, I am on the side of men and I will not leave it.

    Heart   Men   Sides  
    "The Devil and the Good Lord". Book by Jean-Paul Sartre, Act 6, sc. 6, 1951.
  • And it came to pass that in time the Great God Om spake unto Brutha, the Chosen One: "Psst!

    Terry Pratchett (2008). “Small Gods: (Discworld Novel 13)”, p.14, Random House
  • Perhaps all women are part faerie, for what woman can deny her faerie blood when the portals to her own land are open; when the full moon sings its insistent song; when sorrow and passion and rage pulse through her body at moon times. This is why women are the chosen ones of Faerie, pat of the vibrant, fluid, emotional soul of the world.

    Song   Passion   Moon  
  • It is quite rare for God to provide a great man at the necessary moment to carry out some great deep, which is why when this unusual combination of circumstance does occur, history at once records the name of the chosen one and recommends him to the admiration of posterity.

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  • [He] saw that a peculiar expression had come into his nephew's face; an expression a little like that of a young hindu fakir who having settled himself on his first bed of spikes is beginning to wish that he had chosen one of the easier religions.

  • Okay then. The destiny didn't work with the Chosen One. So I'll do it instead.

  • Sport is a passion and out of passion comes love. No point trying to work out why some become heroes and others don't. The chosen ones just go into the pantheon and refuse to fade. Think of Bradman and Les Darcy, Phar Lap and Tommy Corrigan.

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  • I got problems. I freak out, go to a shrink, go through all kinds of therapy and stuff, but I'm learning how to deal with it. That's why I've chosen one hour a night to get all of my aggressions out. to really tell the world the way I feel.

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  • In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.

  • They are the chosen ones who have surrendered ... Once they were particles of light now they are the radiant sun!

    Light   Sun   Chosen One  
    Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi, “The PrIVILeged Lovers”
  • How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his brother. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see.

    Brother   Dark   Men  
  • The whole guilt thing of not feeling Mexican enough was a big deal, too. On the one hand, you have your grandmother who is anointing you as a chosen one because you are light, but then you feel like you're less because you are lighter than your cousins, who are more down on the streets. You know? So that confusion was all I wrote about.

  • That still feels like the most accurate description - I felt homesick, but I was home.

    Sarah Silverman (2010). “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee”, p.34, Faber & Faber
  • In regard to intellect and true virtue, every nation is on a par with the rest, and God has not in these respects chosen one people rather than another.

    Baruch Spinoza (2017). “A Theologico-Political Treatise”, p.37, Jovian Press
  • You never get it right, you people, do you? Either we've got Fudge, pretending everything's lovely while people get murdered right under his nose, or we've got you, chucking the wrong people into jail and trying to pretend you've got 'The Chosen One' working for you!

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