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  • My mother keeps things in perspective for me. She makes me realize that the acting I do and love is no more important than what one of my brothers does-he works in a shoe repair shop. If my career ever tapers off, I'll go to college.

  • And I finished college because I thought how much it would upset my parents if I didnt.

    College   Parent   Upset  
    Interview with John Ashbery, 1987.
  • My brother is the youngest member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And I wouldn't let him cut my nails.

    Alan King, Chris Chase (1997). “Name Dropping”, p.59, Simon and Schuster
  • It wasn't until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.

    "Vin Diesel: I Want To Be A Good Dad". Interview, August 25, 2008.
  • I went to college in Connecticut, which was when I still lived at home. I worked at a video store, a wine store, and did odd jobs here and there like landscaping.

    Jobs   Home   Wine  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • In college, I had a big fixation with Southern Gothic literature. Flannery O'Connor, I read every word she's ever written.

  • I do not think that a Physician should be admitted into the College till he could bring proofs of his having cured, in his own person, at least four incurable distempers.

  • Actually, music gave me the support when I needed it. I would never have gone to college unless I'd gotten a piano scholarship. And now I'm so glad I got to learn to play the cello, which is a different experience, you're flexing a different muscle, but it's beautiful because it is music.

  • My ritual it's kind of an involuntary ritual. I lie awake the night before, worrying about award ceremony. Try and think of something to write in case I actually get up there. I write it at the very last minute like either in the car on the way to the ceremony or, you know, in the bathroom before the show starts. It's all of jumbled mess written on a napkin or a piece of toilet paper. That's my good luck ritual. It's just like being in college waiting for the last minute to do everything.

  • I think what frustrated me more than anything else in my formative years was that I just had to work. I had to have a job. Like twenty to thirty hours a week, a lot of times in high school and college. And that was hard.

    Jobs   School   College  
  • I told you I was sick.

  • I want to focus on what are called kitchen table issues. You know, the ones that keep you up at night, like the cost of childcare and college and prescription drugs and so much else.

    Night   College   Issues  
  • Telling the complete story of VeggieTales would require much more time than we have before us tonight. Since this is Yale, I decided to craft a shorter version of the story, using very large words. Remembering though that I was kicked out of Bible College before I'd had a chance to learn many very large words, I concluded that my only remaining option was to tell the story simply, using simple words, and chance the consequences.

    Simple   College   Yale  
    "The Philosophical Implications of Talking Vegetables". Speech at Yale University, March 02, 2005.
  • I never dated much in high school or college.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • There is nothing more exciting than playing in a building with the college vibe. It's something that I wanted to be a part of. This doesn't exist anywhere else in the league. It's a great tool to help us keep great players and bring in incredible players.

    Player   College   League  
  • Everybody's in New York and, hopefully, my younger kids will go to college in New York and find something they want to do so they'll stay in the city

    New York   Kids   College  
  • In colleges, there are no gender separations in courses of study, and students can freely choose their majors. There are no male and female math classes. But women generally choose college courses that pay less in the labor market. Those are the choices that women themselves make. Those choices contribute to the pay gap.

    Education   Money   Work  
    Phyllis Schlafly (2015). “Phyllis Schlafly: Volume I”, p.60, Creators Publishing
  • Every night on the stop global warming college tour, Laurie and I would tell these great young people that they have the power to do anything they want. That we all have the power to create a movement for change. That the best part of ourselves is the part that rises up instinctively from compassion.

    "On Deception, Spin, and Losing Our Way" by Sheryl Crow, May 4, 2007.
  • If you want to find the cool, anti-establishment rebels who don't answer to The Man on college campuses today, you have to go to a meeting of the College Republicans. They are rebelling against at least 99 percent of their professors.

    College   Men   Rebel  
  • Today in America vast concourses of youth are flocking to our colleges, eager for something, just what they do not know.

    Learned Hand (1959). “The Spirit of Liberty: Papers and Addresses”
  • I was educated at King's College, Taunton and went to the University of Cambridge in 1942.

  • All my friends from my past would know me as Scott Diggs. Taye Diggs comes from Scott-taye. When I went to college I liked it because it was so different and I have an infatuation with nicknames.

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  • I lost my virginity junior year of college, I was 21... I was awkward, and I was raised Jehovah's Witness so I thought sex was bad, I thought I was going to go to hell, and get AIDS immediately.

    Sex   College   Years  
  • That's another piece of advice: Don't go to college; follow your dreams. Unless you're a doctor - then go to college.

    Dream   College   Doctors  
    "Biography / Personal Quotes".
  • At college, I felt frustrated thinking three years was a long time and I just wanted a job but afterwards I was in employment the whole time. I got into a theatre company and started doing stand-up gigs for cash, so I lived hand-to-mouth, but there was always enough to pay the bills.

    Jobs   College   Thinking  
  • I fell in love with Virginia Woolf in college. I especially admire how well she writes about daily life, how she captures so much meaning and consequence in the smallest details of a day.

  • I'm convinced that a lot of people simply don't know what's available out there and how it is possible to find a job and work your way up if you are willing to accept responsibility for your life. I know what it's like to be on the bottom. I've been broke. I've been fired seven times from jobs. And I don't even have a college degree. But I didn't blame anyone else for my problems. I knew that if I didn't try to solve them on my own or with the help of friends or family members, no one else was going to take care of me.

  • My father, God bless him, thought it was such an impossible desire to be able to make a living the way I do. I was destined to go into the bar business like him or go to college and be a lawyer. I was not encouraged, and in a way maybe that made me more hardheadedly committed to being a writer.

    Father   College   Desire  
  • Right around my first year of college - I remember "Song of Solomon," by Toni Morrison, just moved me tremendously. The power of language and how it can peel back truths, bring things to the surface. So I learned a lot from fiction.

    Song   College   Years  
  • I started out pursuing an acting career out of college when I lived in Los Angeles. When I got an entry into broadcasting, I preferred it. I liked being me, rather than dressing up to be someone else. Now I'm 30 and doing a career of my own and have been in this career for eight years.

    College   Eight   Years  
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