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  • Jesus loved the will of His Father. He embraced the limitations, the necessities, the conditions, the very chains of His humanity as He walked and worked here on earth, fulfilling moment by moment His divine commission and the stern demands of His incarnation. Never was there a word or even a look of complaint.

    Jesus   Father   Humanity  
  • Hamilton had a complaint. "Why did you have to tell the cops I'm your boyfriend? That's gross, Amy. We're related!" Amy was disgusted. "We had a common ancestor, like, five hundred years ago. Besides, if they think we're together, we only have to come up with one story, and I can do all the talking." "Hey, I got an early acceptance to Notre Dame," Hamilton said defensively. "I can talk." "Of course you can," Amy soothed. "It's what you say that might get us into trouble.

    Gordon Korman (2011). “The Medusa Plot”, p.83, Scholastic Inc.
  • Personal growth has its price, and she was paying it without complaint.

  • It really bothers me when I see people doing my mother in drag. I mean, just imagine if you saw people doing that with your mother.

    Mother   Mean   People  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • With respect to the first of these obstacles, it has often been made a matter of grave complaint against Political Economists, that they confine their attention to Wealth, and disregard all consideration of Happiness or Virtue.

    Nassau William Senior (1836). “An Outline of the Science of Political Economy”, p.130
  • Don't tell anyone. I'm supposed to be dumb.

  • The Indian knew how to live without wants, to suffer without complaint, and to die singing.

    Alexis de Tocqueville (1990). “Democracy in America”
  • [T]here may be some truth in that if the Arabs have some complaints about my policy towards Israel, they have to realize that the Jews in the U. S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies, and there is a force that we have to take into consideration.

  • Say, ye oppress'd by some fantastic woes, Some jarring nerve that baffles your repose; Who press the downy couch, while slaves advance With timid eye, to read the distant glance; Who with sad prayers the weary doctor tease, To name the nameless ever-new disease; Who with mock patience dire complaints endure, Which real pain and that alone can cure; How would ye bear in real pain to lie, Despised, neglected, left alone to die? How would ye bear to draw your latest breath, Where all that's wretched paves the way for death?

    Prayer   Pain   Real  
    George Crabbe, Reginald Heber, Robert Pollok (1857). “The Poetical Works of Crabbe, Heber, and Pollok: Complete in One Volume”, p.15
  • I work in a creative industry. My work isn't terribly hard, it's artistically explorative, so I have no complaints.

    "Kristen Bell Talks THE LIFEGUARD, Working with Liz Garcia, Finding Out She Was Pregnant During the Shoot, and the VERONICA MARS Movie". Interview with Christina Radish, August 27, 2013.
  • I would just listen to the complaints about what I do instead of celebrating what I do, and that I'm different and in my own lane. It took a while for me to just ignore the doubts.

    "Ledisi: A Singer's Second Life". Interview with Guy Raz, July 9, 2011.
  • Great Pompey's shade complains that we are slow, And Scipio's ghost walks unavenged amongst us!

    "Cato, A Tragedy". Play by Joseph Addison, 1713.
  • Lord, it is my chief complaint, That my love is weak and faint; Yet I love thee and adore, Oh for grace to love thee more!

    Love   Grace   Lord  
    William Cowper (1851). “The Works of William Cowper: His Life, Letters, and Poems. Now First Completed by the Introduction of Cowper's Private Correspondence”, p.660
  • Achieving success as an actor has not been easy for me. My biggest, probably most irrational complaint has been that I've had to work harder for what I've gotten. I've seen other people with nepotism or wealth or cheesy good looks on their side who've had it easy...

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • No matter who causes you grief, take your complaints to the meditation room, where your real friend is. In addition to your husband or wife, you should have a friend - and that friend should be God. Even if your husband or wife makes you unhappy, tell that to God, and not to anyone else. If your neighbor picks a fight with you, go to the meditation room and complain, 'Why did you let him treat me like that? Weren't you with me?' Open your heart and tell God everything. Then it becomes a satsang.

  • I'm happy when I'm juggling, but I feel like I've gone from, like, 3 balls to 10 bowling balls. But, that's a good problem. I don't really have a complaint about that.

    Balls   Gone   Bowling  
  • Somebody's boring me. I think it's me.

    Book   Reading   Thinking  
  • Check-ups are, in my experience, a grave mistake; all they do is allow the quack of your choice to tell you that you have some sort of complaint that you were far happier not knowing about.

  • One of my complaints with American TV characters is that they all have a particular schtick, a hook.

    Character   Hook   Tvs  
    "Today" Interview, Ocotber 1, 2007.
  • My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain.

    Rain   Cake   Complaining  
    Quoted in Humphrey Carpenter, W. H. Auden (1981). Leonard L. Levinson, in Bartlett's Unfamiliar Quotations (1971), quotes this comment as being said about Auden by someone else.
  • So many complaints boil down to the belly ache of the fragile, mortal, ignored ego in a vast and indifferent universe.

    Ego   Ignored   Ache  
    Twitter post from Sep 17, 2013
  • It takes the same energy to complain as it does to compliment. When there is a short circuit, there is a complaint, and when the energy is flowing, there is a compliment.

    Spiritual   Energy   Doe  
  • During the Civil War, on hearing complaints that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant drank alcohol to excess Find out what Grant drinks and send a barrel of it to each of my other generals!

  • As has been reported, and is unmistakably evident to all but the most naïve, federal employees have been ordered to exploit this crisis, to make the government shutdown as uncomfortable as they can. The White House is actively soliciting complaints from the general public on 'how the government shutdown has affected you.' These testimonies are tools sought for the propaganda kit; the better to agitate with.

  • The complaint of bad pay, and difficulty in obtaining it, is almost generally reiterated through every department of education.

    Joseph Lancaster (1807). “Improvements in Education, as it Respects the Industrious Classes of the Community: Containing Among Other Important Particulars, an Account of the Institution for the Education of One Thousand Poor Children, Borough Road, Southwark; and of the New System of Education on which it is Conducted”, p.142
  • Another current catch-phrase is the complaint that the nations of the world are divided into 'haves' and the 'have-nots.' Observe that the 'haves' are those who have freedom, and that it is freedom that the 'have-nots' have not.

    Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden (1966). “The Objectivist”
  • Celebrity is a pretty stunning thing. At first I was like 'They love me! Oh, I love them, too.' And suddenly, I was tap-dancing on my pedestal and it was whack! Facedown in the dirt.

    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • The impossibility of keeping Englishmen sober ashore was a constant source of complaint, It was the great weakness of 16th century English infantrymen, whose performance when sober was admired even by the Spaniards. Already it was true, as it was to be for centuries, that many saw and despised the drunken sailor ashore, but few knew and admired him at his work afloat.

    Sailor   Saws   Weakness  
  • Defects and weakness in men's understandings, as well as other faculties, come from want of a right use of their own minds; I am apt to think, the fault is generally mislaid upon nature, and there is often a complaint of want of parts, when the fault lies in want of a due improvement of them.

    Lying   Men   Thinking  
    John Locke (2007). “Some Thoughts Concerning Education: (Including Of the Conduct of the Understanding)”, p.192, Courier Corporation
  • Take away the complaint, 'I have been harmed,' and the harm is taken away.

    Marcus Aurelius (2015). “Meditations”, p.37, Sheba Blake Publishing
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