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  • I wondered about her chicken-and-egg relationship with Dad. Which came first? Her helplessness or his controlling?

    Dad   Eggs   Firsts  
  • Dad was synonymous with his charm and wit and grace, and it was sort of the perfect way to go for him.

    Dad   Perfect   Grace  
    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • My dad always said that hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard enough.

    Dad   Hard Work   Talent  
  • One afternoon when I was 9, my dad told me I'd be skipping school the next day. Then we drove 12 hours from Melbourne to Sydney for the Centenary Test, a once-in-a-lifetime commemorative cricket match. It was great fun - especially for a kid who was a massive sports fan.

    Sports   Fun   Dad  
  • I spent most of the 90s trying to make it as a producer - which is a difficult game to get into at the best of times, let alone pre internet - and then I got married, had three boys and we moved house. I had to sell a lot of my gear, so a lot of the original set up went. I was busy being a dad and working, but still loved music.

    Dad   Boys   Games  
  • I would never complain about the position I'm in or the attention I get. At the end of the day, I'm very lucky to have what I have and do what I do, but I don't see myself as any different from anyone else who works hard and is a dad and a husband.

    "David Beckham: 'Always have something to look forward to. If you don't have that you lose interest.'" by Alex Bilmes, May 16, 2013.
  • If your dad is anything like mine, then you have no clue what to buy him for Father's Day. The only Father's Day tradition in my family is the annual conversation he and I have where I say, 'Hey, Dad, what do you want for Father's Day this year?' and he says, 'Nothing.' Then I ask my mom what I should get him and she says, 'He likes sandalwood soap, dangly jewelry and Chanel No. 5 perfume.'

    Mom   Fathers Day   Dad  
  • [My dad] didn't do much apart from the traditional winning of bread. He didn't take me to get my hair cut or my teeth cleaned; he didn't make the appointments. He didn't shop for my clothes. He didn't make my breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My mom did all of those things, and nobody ever told her when she did them that it made her a good mother.

    Mom   Mother   Dad  
    Michael Chabon (2012). “Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and Son”, p.17, Harper Collins
  • I definitely want to go and do some more research. My dad used to make me sit outside on the steps all night long, looking for a UFO flying by and I had to do that for years.

    Dad   Night   Years  
  • His mom lived in Long Island for ten years or so. God rest her soul. And, although, she's... wait... your mom's still... your mom's still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul.

    Mom   Dad   Crazy  
    "Only ABC Highlights Biden's Gaffe About 'Dead' Mother of Irish PM, Stephanopoulos Lauds VP's 'Smile'". March 18, 2010.
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to walk with my dad's limp - my dad was my hero - but that infuriated him, and he would make me walk back and forth in the living room until I walked without it.

    Dad   Hero   Kids  
  • Look, I've got incredible pride for my family. I've absolutely fallen into that cliche of a dad who could just happily talk about my daughter endlessly.

    Mother   Daughter   Dad  
    "Christian Bale May Kill Someone Yet". Interview with John H. Richardson, November 15, 2010.
  • I saw this anti-drug commercial that showed a kid smoking pot in his dad`s room with his friend. This kid finds a gun, the gun accidentally goes off and kills his friend. Only in America is the villain in this commercial not guns or bad parenting, but pot.

    Dad   Kids   Gun  
  • The first show that my dad and my mom did together was for, was a comedy series, a short form that went in the middle of late-night news, and then through all of their career, it was always the "Ed Sullivan Show," it was a variety act, my dad was on the "Jimmy Dean Show" for a few years.

    Mom   Dad   Night  
  • My original inspiration was my mom: a few years after the death of my dad, she started dating one my teachers!

    Mom   Teacher   Dad  
  • I know that Dad was an idol to millions who grew up loving his music and his ideals. But to me he wasn't a musician or a peace icon, he was the father I loved and who let me down in so many ways. After the age of five, when my parents separated, I saw him only a handful of times, and when I did he was often remote and intimidating. I grew up longing for more contact with him but felt rejected and unimportant in his life. ... ... While Dad was fast becoming one of the wealthiest men in his field, Mum and I had very little and she was going out to work to support us.

    Dad   Father   Men  
  • The nearest my parents came to alcohol was at Holy Communion and they utterly overestimated its effects. However bad the weather, Dad never drove to church because Mam thought the sacrament might make him incapable on the return journey.

    Dad   Journey   Weather  
    Alan Bennett (2009). “A A Life Like Other People's”, p.80, Faber & Faber
  • That's the way it is with firstborns. Mom and Dad may think they're in charge, but the firstborn knows better, and so does the youngest sibling.

    Mom   Dad   Sibling  
    Dr. Kevin Leman (2009). “Born to Win: Keeping Your Firstborn Edge without Losing Your Balance”, p.32, Baker Books
  • Fortunately, as it pertains to guns, my dad and uncle introduced me to guns the way it needs to be done: smart, slow and safe.

    Uncles   Dad   Smart  
  • 'The Simpsons' was about children and married parents; 'Futurama' is about people in between; they're growing up and haven't settled down. Every other cartoon show seemed to be, you know, dumb dad, bratty kids.

  • I like poor materials. I couldn't see myself making a bronze sculpture - it's not me. I like neon, because it's moving constantly and like drawing. The chemicals going through the neon turns me on really - it's sexy. I like fabrics, but one of the main things with objects is that I really have to love them before I can use them. I have to have the object around me a long time. The little chairs I used in my last White Cube show are ones that my dad bought for me. A sort of a psychometry with objects and things. It's like the pieces I've made are my things.

    Sexy   Dad   Moving  
  • When I did my first solo show and it made my dad uncomfortable, I wasn't quite ready for my spotlight moment in my life yet. I didn't have enough sense of myself and self-esteem and confidence: this is when I started looking to get my master's in something.

  • Keep in my mind my dad didn't become a huge, huge mega actor until I was halfway through high school - so right around the time he's going through his big renaissance is right when I'm starting to do my high school revolting.

    Dad   Father   School  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • Music is more of a hobby to me than my hobbies, if that makes sense. I love music; my dad and brother were very musical, and music just happens to be one of my hobbies that became my vocation.

    Brother   Dad   Musical  
  • Even if I tried to be my dad, it would be a mediocre, slightly embarrassing version.

  • My kids are not that interested in my movie career, by the way. My son, in particular, never talks about it. He just wants me as his dad.

    Dad   Kids   Son  
    "Hugh Jackman Interview REAL STEEL". Interview with Christina Radish, October 4, 2011.
  • No word makes me happier than the word "daddy" when it's directed to me.

    Dad   Father   Daddy  
  • From about eight years old I was always making things on the sewing machine. Friends would see me making dresses and costumes, and I'd use difficult fabrics such as Lycra and elastic. But you know, my dad was creative and my brother is inventive too.

    Brother   Dad   Years  
  • My mother is very emotional as well, but my dad is more of the guts of the family. He was the main preacher, so he kind of had this little Pentecostal flair, but they are born-again.

    Mother   Dad   Emotional  
  • Come Christmas Eve, we usually go to my mom and dad's. Everybody brings one gift and then we play that game when we all steal it from each other. Some are really cool, others are useful and some are a bit out there.

    Christmas   Mom   Dad  
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