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  • Helping others isn't a chore, it is one of the greatest gifts there is. I want to challenge the next generation of women to find a way to give back that inspires and fulfills them and weave it into their daily lives. If the next generation can learn that early on, we have a real chance to change the world.

  • If you meditate you will be able to find new ways to utilize your career and the routines of daily life.

    Buddhism   Careers   Able  
  • Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and a sense of self-discipline are qualities that help us lead our daily lives with a calm mind

  • Prayer is an end to isolation. It is living our daily life with someone; with him who alone can deliver us from solitude.

  • In our daily lives, where we're bombarded by the fake and the trivial, reading serves as a way to stop, shut out the noise of the world, and try to grab hold of something real, no matter how small.

    Maureen Corrigan (2007). “Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: Finding and Losing Myself in Books”, p.13, Vintage
  • Tea ceremony is a way of worshipping the beautiful and the simple. All one's efforts are concentrated on trying to achieve perfection through the imperfect gestures of daily life. Its beauty consists in the respect with which it is performed. If a mere cup of tea can bring us closer to God, we should watch out for all the other dozens of opportunities that each ordinary day offers us.

  • I am an adherent of the ideal of democracy, although I well know the weaknesses of the democratic form of government. Social equality and economic protection of the individual appeared to me always as the important communal aims of the state. Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated.

    "My credo" by Albert Einstein, 1932.
  • I fell in love with Virginia Woolf in college. I especially admire how well she writes about daily life, how she captures so much meaning and consequence in the smallest details of a day.

  • Must manage your thought life daily and then you can manage your life.

  • The Bible says, Be anxious for nothing, and that is a commandment! I took up a battle in this area, fought my way through and avoided having to be anxious! You can agonize over something for ages and plague yourself and those around you. It's much better to fight your way through as soon as it comes up.

    Fighting   Age   Battle  
  • We must constantly remain in a state of prayer; it is not something we do for just a few minutes now and again, or on certain occasions when we are especially in need. It is extremely important that God can speak to us all the time. This makes it much easier to seek the kingdom of heaven at all times.

  • The sangha is a community where there should be harmony and peace and understanding. That is something created by our daily life together. If love is there in the community, if we've been nourished by the harmony in the community, then we will never move away from love.

    "Building a Community of Love: bell hooks and Thich Nhat Hanh". Interview with Bell Hooks, www.lionsroar.com. March 24, 2017.
  • What we face is a comprehensive contraction of our activities, due to declining fossil fuel resources and other growing scarcities. Our failure is the failure to manage contraction. It requires a thoroughgoing reorganization of daily life. No political faction currently operating in the USA gets this. Hence, it is liable to be settled by a contest for dwindling resources and there are many ways in which this won't be pretty.

    Interview With Simmons B. Buntin, www.terrain.org.
  • It's no go the picture palace, it's no go the stadium, It's no go the country cot with a pot of pink geraniums. It's no go the Government grants, it's no go the elections, Sit on your arse for fifty years and hang your hat on a pension.

    'Bagpipe Music' (1938)
  • [Theodore Roosevelt] was a naturalist on the broadest grounds, uniting much technical knowledge with knowledge of the daily lives and habits of all forms of wild life. He probably knew tenfold more natural history than all the presidents who had preceded him, and, I think one is safe in saying, more human history also.

  • Clark, what in your honest opinion is the right standard for determining conduct? Is the only right standard for everyone, the probable action of Jesus Christ? Would you say that the highest, best law for a man to live by was contained in asking the question 'What would Jesus do?' And then doing it regardless of results? In other words, do you think men everywhere ought to follow Jesus' example as closely as they can in their daily lives?

    Jesus   Men   Thinking  
  • There are actually two approaches to reside your daily life. One is as if absolutely nothing is really a miracle. The other is as if every little thing is a wonder

    Two   Miracle   Littles  
  • It is quite natural, in pursuing enlightenment or just in trying to be happier, to look to your everyday experiences for signs of results. Indeed, your daily life is nothing else but an expression of your spiritual condition. Your life will change as you become more loving, but not in ways you can exactly predict. What happens is not important as how you react to what happens.

    "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment".
  • We talk about equality, about happiness, about freedom - and about the spiritual values of religion, and about God - and in our daily life, we act on principles which are different, and partly contradictory.

    Source: www.hrc.utexas.edu
  • What keeps me awake at night is just, Am I making the best use of the time that remains for me, to both be as good an example as I can in my own daily life, and as compelling as possible a voice for the ways in which we can all work together to tackle these issues.

    Night   Voice   Issues  
    "Her Majesty Queen Noor: Yogi & Devoted Warrior for Peace". Interview with Gina Murdock, www.marandapleasantmedia.com.
  • Please follow the counsel you have been given in the past and maintain your personal journals. Those who keep a book of remembrance are more likely to keep the Lord in remembrance in their daily lives. Journals are a way of counting our blessings and of leaving an inventory of these blessings for our posterity.

    Book   Blessing   Past  
  • When you talk about the security and safety of average Americans it doesn't do average Americans a lot of good to expand America's military footprint if the daily lives of average Americans are being undermined by the fact that we're no longer able to compete in a global economy. I think that's the kind of human security we have to pay more attention to.

    Source: www.pbs.org
  • Our children should learn the general framework of their government and then they should know where they come in contact with the government, where it touches their daily lives and where their influence is exerted on the government. It must not be a distant thing, someone else's business, but they must see how every cog in the wheel of a democracy is important and bears its share of responsibility for the smooth running of the entire machine.

  • I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.

    Virginia Woolf (1990). “A moment's liberty: the shorter diary”, Vintage
  • There's not democracy in the workplace. I mean, through most of our daily lives, the idea of democracy is fairly nonexistent. And I think things work better when the people who have to work with whatever it is we're working with have a say in how it's working.

    Mean   Thinking   Ideas  
  • That image of the common drunk is a myth. There is a thing called a maintenance drinker which may very well be a mother of four, a welder or a distinguished business person. These people build up a tolerance and manage to still maintain their daily lifestyles while constantly struggling with this disease, because it is a recognized disease by the American Medical Association.

  • Spirituality lies not in the power to heal others, to perform miracles, or to astound the world with our wisdom, but in the ability to endure with right attitude whatever crosses we have to face in our daily lives, and thus to rise above them.

    Wisdom   Attitude   Lying  
  • Neither evil tongues, rash judgments, nor the sneers of selfish men, nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all the dreary intercourse of daily life, shall ever prevail against us.

    William Wordsworth (2012). “William Wordsworth: Everyman's Poetry”, p.49, Hachette UK
  • I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ's standards in your own daily life.

    Jesus   Simple   Trying  
    "Catholic cardinal calls on Christians to wear their crosses every day" by Damien Pearse, www.theguardian.com. April 7, 2012.
  • Are you truly dirty if you don't take a shower every day? No, but you feel that way. It's the same with running. Just like a shower, running is part of my daily life.

    Running   Dirty   Way  
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