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  • At Microsoft I had many years of experience and history and seeing connections. With my direct reports, the job at Microsoft was to delegate and then be able to properly review, but not to micromanage. To have a way of connecting and integrating without getting in the way.

    Jobs   Years   Able  
    "Steve Ballmer talks about the current state of Microsoft, his Twitter investment, and how sports tech can help the Clippers". Interview with Matt Rosoff, February 6, 2016.
  • When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in charge, ponder.

    Funny   Business   Humor  
    In 'New York Times' 8 November 1970, p. 45
  • I either delegate something, I dump it, or I deal with it.

    Dump   Deals   Delegates  
  • I say, "This is my objective" and when I stick to it, I succeed. When I deviate, I'm in trouble. Do what you do best and delegate the rest. There are things I do better than others, and there are things I'm horrible at and I delegate those.

  • Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way

  • Each philosopher, each bard, each actor has only done for me, as by a delegate, what one day I can do for myself.

    One Day   Actors   Done  
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1983). “Essays and Lectures”, p.67, Library of America
  • The Department of Justice believes, and the case law supports, that the president has inherent authority to conduct warrantless physical searches for foreign intelligence purposes, and that the president may, as has been done, delegate this authority to the attorney general. It's important to understand, senators, that the rules and the methodology for criminal searches are inconsistent with the collection of foreign intelligence and would unduly frustrate the president in carrying out his foreign intelligence responsibilities.

    Jamie Gorelick's statement on wireless physical searches before the US House of Representatives permanent Select Committee on intelligence, December 20, 2005.
  • Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility, deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility.

    "Election Guide: Romney Rhetoric". Interview with Jason Williams, October 31, 2012.
  • It appears to me, then, little short of a miracle, that the Delegates from so many different States . . . should unite in forming a system of national Government, so little liable to well founded objections.

    George Washington, Jared Sparks (1835). “The Writings of George Washington: pt.III. Private letters from the time Washington resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the army to that of his inauguration as president of the United States: December, 1783-April, 1789. 1835”, p.317
  • You are not going to do most of the work. You shouldn't be doing most of the work... and the way you get out of doing most of the work, is you delegate.

    Way   Delegates  
  • When [Erwin Schrödinger] went to the Solvay conferences in Brussels, he would walk from the station to the hotel where the delegates stayed, carrying all his luggage in a rucksack and looking so like a tramp that it needed a great deal of argument at the reception desk before he could claim a room.

  • The people cannot delegate to government the power to do anything which would be unlawful for them to do themselves.

  • Only nine States have been represented since my arrival till within three days. There are now Eleven States barely represented. This tardiness in the States or their Delegates, besides retarding the most important Business makes it exceeding fatiguing to those that do attend.

  • The poetics of the oppressed is essentially the poetics of liberation: the spectator no longer delegates power to the characters either to think or to act in his place. The spectator frees himself; he thinks and acts for himself! Theatre is action!

  • Well, we had a bunch of primaries and caucuses on the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska and Kansas caucuses. That keeps his campaign alive. But Hillary Clinton won Louisiana, which was the big prize of the night, so she ended up winning more delegates than he did yesterday.

    Winning   Night   Kansas  
    "Rounding Up The Week In Politics". March 6, 2016.
  • It's very much in our interest to unite [with Bernie Sanders] as quickly as possible to begin the campaign against Donald Trump. And I think the facts really speak for themselves. I have a won a big majority of the popular vote of the states, of pledged delegates, and we want to go forward in a positive and unified way.

  • No man can delegate,... any right of arbitrary dominion over a 3rd person; for that would imply a right in the 1st person, not only to make the 3rd person his slave, but also a right to dispose of him as a slave to still other persons. Any contract to do this is necessarily a criminal one...To call such a contract a “constitution” does not at all lessen its criminality, or add to its validity.

    Men   Criminals   Doe  
  • I have learned to delegate.

  • I had to delegate authority to the people on my staff. That means you shave away the hierarchy.

    Mean   People   Hierarchy  
  • Have passion for what you do; believe in yourself and your product and your customer; persevere; delegate; listen. Have fun. Today, I add: "Do good".

    Fun   Believe   Passion  
    Sir Richard Branson (2011). “Screw Business as Usual”, p.35, Random House
  • Artists are in the imagining/ prototyping business. Society needs people to be out there thinking of what might be. That cannot be something we just delegate to politicians or technologists.

  • If you delegate authority, you will build leaders.

    Leader   Authority   Ifs  
  • Once a leader delegates, he should show utmost confidence in the people he has entrusted.

  • Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing - but this will only swing people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.

    Wall   Sorry   Home  
    "Gingrich attacks on Obama resurrect Saul Alinsky" by James Rosen, January 25, 2012.
  • Nobody can do everything well, so learn how to delegate responsibility to other winners and then hold them accountable for their decisions.

    George Foreman (2010). “Knockout Entrepreneur: My Ten-Count Strategy for Winning at Business”, p.39, Thomas Nelson Inc
  • Do not delegate an assignment and then attempt to manage it yourself - you will make an enemy of the overruled subordinate.

    Wess Roberts (2007). “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun”, p.35, Hachette UK
  • Music isn't just for professionals. We delegate all of our music and our dancing and our art to professionals. It's silly. We should be doing our own dancing and drawing.

    Art   Silly   Drawing  
  • There is no reason to feel any shame in hiring someone to pick stocks or mutual funds for you. But there's one responsibility that you must never delegate. You, and no one but you, must investigate whether an adviser is trustworthy and charges reasonable fees.

  • The striking thing is that WHO doesn't really have the authority to do any of this. It can't tell governments what to do. It hires no vaccinators, distributes no vaccine. It is a small Geneva bureaucracy run by several hundred international delegates whose annual votes tell the organization what to do but not how to do it.…The only substantial resource that WHO has cultivated is information and expertise.

    Atul Gawande (2010). “Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance”, p.37, Profile Books
  • You can't talk about leadership without talking about responsibility and can't separate the two. A leader must delegate responsibility and provide the freedom to make decisions, and then be held accountable for the results.

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