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  • How do you remember everything from different books when you are still writing the HP series? As obsessive fans will tell you, I do slip up! Several classrooms move floors mysteriously between books and these are the least serious continuity errors! Most of the fansites will point you in the direction of my mistakes. But the essentials remain consistent from book to book because the story has been plotted for a long time and it is clear in my mind.

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  • In America there's a tendency to write the same book over and over because that's what sells. So in a way, my success in America has come at the expense of what I do. I haven't sold out, and I haven't taken the popular road to writing a best-selling book. I've really bucked the system. So it was necessary for me not to go and find the easy fans, the ones who want something digestible and fast with a happy ending that they can read over and over again no matter how many different books it is. I had to find fans who really wanted to think. Worldwide they all have that in common.

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  • It's in being read that a book becomes a book, and in each of a million different readings a book become one of a million different books . . .

  • I love to read different books on completely different subjects at the same time. I cannot focus on one. I read a few pages of literature, then I jump to philosophy and at the same time I'm reading biographies of Mahler.

    Biography/Personal Quotes, www.imdb.com.
  • I'm reading a lot of different books, but I always think I have to switch it up a little bit. It's like food - everything in moderation, same with my books, same with my reading. You read books that are good for you and you learn a lot of stuff, then you read 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' which is like candy.

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    "Celebrity Book Club: Shay Mitchell's Turning 'Fifty Shades'" by Amy Wilkinson, www.mtv.com. June 11, 2012.
  • Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different styles.

    "Biography/Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • I have different books for different times of the day, let alone different seasons of the year!

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  • I was passionate about reading from an early age, and I would always be carrying a different book each week.

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  • Margaret Cavendish was one of the people who came up in the course. That was when I started thinking about her as a character for a book, but my idea was for a totally different book. It had all these characters in it; Samuel Pepys was one of the main characters. He famously wrote these extensive diaries through the period that are really funny and sort of saucy, actually.

    "An interview with danielle dutton". Interview with Michelle Lyn King, www.3ammagazine.com. March 15, 2016.
  • Scarcely was I arrived at fifteen years of age, when, after having doubted in turn of different tenets, according as I found them combated in the different books that I read, I began to doubt of Revelation itself.

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    Benjamin Franklin (1806). “The Complete Works, in Philosophy, Politics, and Morals, of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Now First Collected and Arranged: With Memoirs of His Early Life”, p.79
  • It is no more necessary that a man should remember the different dinners and suppers which have made him healthy, than the different books which have made him wise. Let us see the results of good food in a strong body, and the results of great reading in a full and powerful mind.

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    Sydney Smith (1849). “Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy: Delivered at the Royal Institution in the Years 1804-1806”, p.102
  • I'm strictly a one-project-at-a-time kind of guy. If I came up with a compelling idea for a different book while working on a project, I'd probably abandon the first project and go with the new idea.

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    Source: www.avclub.com
  • There is nothing I would change - to change it I would have had to write a totally different book.

    "The Bookseller of Kabul author cleared of invading Afghan family's privacy" by Alexandra Topping, www.theguardian.com. December 13, 2011.
  • It's sad when you can't make everyone happy, though. It's impossible but, at the same time, you still hope. You think, 'Maybe I can do it,' but you know you can't. But gosh, if I had to rely on giving people what they wanted, I would have had to write 40 billion different books and even then, I wouldn't get it right.

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  • Everyone reads a different book. That's what's interesting. Everyone sees a different film, as well. We bring our past lives to whatever work of art we're experiencing at that moment, and that's what makes it interesting. It's not mathematics. There are different answers for different people.

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    Interview with Gregg LaGambina, www.avclub.com. September 6, 2008.
  • I guess I'm what you call a slush-piler. I just sent my manuscripts to the slush pile of publishers and hoped for the best. Over seven years, I was rejected seven times on three different books. The fourth attempt was picked up by a small publisher, and I still have great memories of staying up all night, talking to my brother and sisters (my dad called me at 2:30 in the morning because I was overseas).

  • In A Life In Books, author and graphic design visionary Warren Lehrer crafts a vivid kaleidoscopic odyssey that frames one man’s life through not one, but one hundred different books—and book jackets... An unmistakably modern evocation of the illuminated manuscript.

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  • I don’t think books can change the world, but when the world begins to change, it searches for different books.

    Shlomo Sand, Yael Lotan (2010). “The Invention of the Jewish People”, p.11, Verso
  • I think the best writers are voracious readers who pick up the cadences and the feel of narration through a number of different books. And you begin by maybe copying the style of writers that really knocked you out.

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    "Stephen King wants to reach out and grab you — with his writing". "PBS NewsHour" with Jeffrey Brown, www.pbs.org. October 6, 2016.
  • The very same book, even if it is translated very accurately, let's say from Hebrew into English or from English into Hebrew, becomes a different book because language is a musical instrument.

    "'Everybody comes from somewhere.' An Interview with Writer Amos Oz". Interview with Prashanth Ramakrishna, logger.believermag.com. October 20, 2016.
  • I have specific playlists for different books and characters. So, I need to have those with me. It helps me get into the mindset of the book.

  • Covers matter. In my experience, a different cover can make you think you're reading an entirely different book.

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    Source: bookpage.com
  • In returning I read a very different book, published by an honest Quaker , on that execrable sum of all villanies, commonly called the Slave-trade.

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    John Wesley, John Emory (1758). “Journals”, p.366
  • Religious law is like the grammar of language. Any language isgoverned by such rules; otherwise it ceases to be a language. But within them, you can say many different sentences and write many different books.

  • I keep my self updated by reading different books and encyclopedias.

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    Source: arfakarim.wordpress.com
  • I always have a few different books going at once.

    "Love Letters: Miranda Tells All". Harper’s Bazaar Interview, www.harpersbazaar.com. February 24, 2016.
  • My reading practice is one reason I mostly don't read electronically. Different books are in different rooms of my house, and one is in my backpack. Physical location tells me what book to read.

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    "How Writers Read (Vol. 3)". The Believer interview, logger.believermag.com. December 11, 2014.
  • I didn't know enough as a writer to understand why I needed to do this, but I understood in a very gut way that I could not entertain those thoughts of pleasing people and write this book - that it would be a very different book. Without really sort of investigating that instinct, which I'm glad for, I just made a conscious decision to put blinders on and not think about anything and put it all in. And I did. I put everything in. I had to look at the whole picture to see what I needed.

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    Source: therumpus.net
  • I figured the process of someone standing at a shelf and deciding what juice to buy is going to be very different than someone sitting at the computer clicking through a bunch of different books or CDs-until I actually looked at the data, and it turned out that the patterns were remarkably similar.

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  • Classroom libraries are not 25 copies of 5 books. Classroom libraries are 1000-2000 copies of different books.

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