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  • Do you want to see what human eyes have never seen? Look at the moon. Do you want to hear what ears have never heard? Listen to the bird's cry. Do you want to touch what hands have never touched? Touch the earth. Verily I say that God is about to create the world.

    Eye   Moon   Hands  
    Jorge Luis Borges (1964). “Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings”, p.124, New Directions Publishing
  • My glowing form was so heavy, its feet sank into the top of the tank. “Sekhmet!” I yelled. The lioness whirled and snarled, trying to locate my voice. “Up here, kitty!” I called. She spotted me and her ears went back. “Horus?” ‘Unless you know another guy with a falcon head.

    Glowing   Voice   Feet  
    Rick Riordan (2013). “The Kane Chronicles: The Complete Series”, p.315, Penguin UK
  • [My mother] worked in the Seagram's Building; it's kind of an iconic '60s skyscraper on a floor so high that your ears popped. And all the women - the whole thing was so very Mad Men, very glamorous.

    Mother   Men   Mad  
    Source: www.avclub.com
  • I don't have a problem working 14 hours a day and still have ears and have a brain to mix afterwards. But I don't have the same strength to actively pursue and stay enthused about things like literature and movies and a social life - things that enhance the music, and the person.

    Brain   Ears   Literature  
    "Contact: Guitar Wunderkind Blake Mills". Interview with Jacob Blickenstaff, www.motherjones.com. February 24, 2015.
  • Most people go on living their everyday life: half-frightened, half indifferent, they behold the ghostly tragic-comedy that is being performed on the international stage before the eyes and ears of the world.

    Eye   People   Everyday  
  • Everyone said to Vincent van Gogh, "You can't be a great painter, you only have one ear." And you know what he said? "I can't hear you".

    Ears   Schmucks   Said  
    "Fictional character: Barry". "Dinner for Schmucks", www.imdb.com. 2010.
  • Always 'duty.' I am sick of the word. They are a lot of old blockheads in flannel vests and of old women with foot-warmers and rosaries who constantly drone into our ears 'Duty, duty!' Ah! by Jove! one's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and not accept all the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us.

    Beautiful   Feet   Sick  
    Gustave Flaubert (2013). “Delphi Complete Works of Gustave Flaubert (Illustrated)”, p.195, Delphi Classics
  • Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights. But your ears thirst for the sound of the heart's knowledge. You would know in words that which you have always known in thought. You would touch with your fingers the naked body of the dreams.

    Dream   Heart   Night  
    Khalil Gibran (2007). “Kahlil Gibran: Masterpieces”
  • Your eyes are windows to your dreams; Your ears are windows to your mind; You nose is the door to your heart - you can win over any man with just your smell.

    Dream   Eye   Heart  
    "Dark Rooms: A Saga". Book by Siddharth Katragadda, 2001.
  • The visible world is a daily miracle for those who have eyes and ears; and I still warm hands thankfully at the old fire, though every year it is fed with the dry wood of more old memories.

    Memories   Eye   Fire  
    Edith Wharton (1990). “Novellas and Other Writings”, Library of America
  • The ear disapproves but tolerates certain musical pieces; transfer them into the domain of our nose, and we will be forced to flee.

    Musical   Noses   Pieces  
    "An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music". Book by Nat Shapiro, p. 130, 1981.
  • You want the greatest trick for writing a novel? Here it is: imagine urgently whispering your story into one person's ear - and only one. This one visualization will clarify every word choice you make.

    Interview with Roxane Gay, therumpus.net. May 11, 2012.
  • Let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered... Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior in life. Treat all fairly or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.

    Life   Revenge   Heart  
    "Eragon". Book by Christopher Paolini, 2003.
  • A big business man was telling Henry Ford about a coach driver of super-expertness with his whip. The driver was telling how he could flick a fly off his horse's ear with his whip-and, a fly alighting just then, he promptly did so. Next he spied a grasshopper beside the road, and he flicked it off with equal dexterity. A little further along the road the passenger noticed an insect on a bush, and nudged the driver to get him. Not on your life, replied the master of the whip. That there insect is a hornet sitting on his nest with an organization behind him. I leave him alone.

    Horse   Business   Men  
  • When the eye is unobstructed, the result is sight. When the ear is unobstructed, the result is hearing. When the mind is unobstructed the result is truth. When the heart is unobstructed, the result is joy and love.

    Spiritual   Heart   Eye  
    Anthony De Mello (2012). “Rediscovering Life: Awaken to Reality”, p.34, Image
  • The earth's a door if you press your ear against it.

    Doors   Ears   Earth  
    "Black Swan Green". Book by David Mitchell, www.theguardian.com. April 2006.
  • Likewise the piercing of the body for multiple rings in the ears, in the nose, even in the tongue. Can they possibly think that is beautiful? It is a passing fancy, but its effects can be permanent. Some have gone to such extremes that the ring had to be removed by surgery. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have declared that we discourage tattoos and also “the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes.” We do not, however, take any position “on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earrings”-one pair only.

  • As the Brotherhood got down to business, he found himself putting his hand on the dog’s big head and stroking the soft fur…playing with an ear…dipping down and finding the long waves that flowed from the animal’s broad, strong chest. Not that any of that meant he was keeping the the animal, of course. It just felt nice, was all.

    Dog   Strong   Nice  
    J. R. Ward (2010). “Lover Avenged: Number 7 in series”, p.471, Hachette UK
  • Every day: Wear sunblock. Cover your gray. Do not go insane. Eat less fats and sugars. Do more sit-ups. Don’t start forgetting stuff. Trim the hair in your ears. Take calcium. Moisturize. Every day. Freeze in time to stay in one place forever. Do not get frigging old.

    Hair   Forever   Insane  
  • To me, an untrained ear, a young person at the time, I would hear off the different feels, all these different sounds, and then years later realize that everyone had used the same equipment, just to their own ends.

    Years   Sound   Different  
    "Autechre". Interview with Mark Richardson, pitchfork.com. February 18, 2008.
  • The real secrets of Masonry are never told, not even from mouth to ear. For the real secret of Masonry is spoken to your heart and from it to the heart of your brother. Never the language made for tongue may speak it, it is uttered only in the eye in those manifestations of that love which a man has for his friend, which passeth all other loves.

    Brother   Real   Heart  
  • Listen twice as much as you talk, since you were born with two ears and one mouth.

    Two   Ears   Mouths  
    Terri Farley (2009). “hantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #10: Faraway Filly”, p.21, Harper Collins
  • I'm going down the apples and pears, into the jam jar, down the frog and toad into the rub-da-dub-dub, and I'm going to have pig's ear.

    Pigs   Apples   Jam  
  • I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and I tell you he's the one.

    Eye   Ears   Enders Game  
    Orson Scott Card (2013). “Ender's Game Boxed Set I: Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon”, p.20, Macmillan
  • Sam came around the side of the car and stopped dead when he saw me. “Oh my God, what is THAT?” I used my thumb and middle finger to flick the multicolored pom-pom on top of my head. “In my language, we call it a HAT. It keeps my ears warm.” “Oh my God,” Sam said again, and closed the distance between us. He cupped my face in his hands and studied me. “It’s horribly cute.” He kissed me, looked at the hat, and then he kissed me again. I vowed never to lose the pom-pom hat.

    Cute   Distance   Hands  
  • Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman's toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.

    Running   Sex   Women  
    Marianne Williamson (2013). “A Woman's Worth”, p.90, Ballantine Books
  • I can't really believe that it's over. "I'll speak for her." Every face turns to where Sean Kendrick stands a little apart from the crowd, his arms crossed. "This island runs on courage, not blood," he says. His face is turned towards me, but his eyes are on Eaton and his groups. In the hush after he speaks, I can hear my heart thudding in my ears.

    Running   Believe   Eye  
  • Listen . Keep silent . You are not gods mouthpiece. Try to be an ear.

    Trying   Ears   Silent  
  • Perhaps not," said Will, who had ears like a bat's. "But I would make a radiant bride.

    Princess   Bats   Ears  
    Cassandra Clare (2014). “Clockwork Princess”, p.34, Simon and Schuster
  • Since the day I got in radio at the age of 15, I always wanted everyone with ears listening to me. I don't know how to narrow that down.

    Listening   Age   Ears  
    "Special guest Donnie Simpson, more on Pop Culture With Paul Farhi". Live Q&A, www.washingtonpost.com. February 2, 2010.
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